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From photoshopped

Its been a while,isn’t it ,since I animated,all those wonderful inanimate things? So here is a tag,which tries to bring to life,colours!Crayon box survey it is called.Thanks SF for this one ๐Ÿ˜‰ And well I am in a dream land,no interviews for me….

the story began,when once upon a time,yesterday night,I landed up in the land of colours.There I first encountered miss Red.


Me:-Hello,red,how you doing?ย 

Ms.Red:-Ya I am fine.Just slight red,oh!he is sooo hot!

Me:-My my seems like movies are spoiling colours as well.Might be we should ban movies and serials.How this happen?ย 

Ms.Red:-Oh! what are we to do,when kids stop playing around with me? It used to be fun,those days,all day long,we used to scrawl across,wonderful wonderous blank pages,creating and expressing ourselves,now oh!all these kids do is talk about crushes and Girl friends and Boy friends.Fiends if you ask me.But well,I am adapting myself to changing times.

Me:- Its that bad? I used to love playing with colours.Ha I still do.Only I use photoshop and red pens while sketching sometimes.My sis will not allow me to touch her colours,she thinks I waste you guys.Do you think,I wasted you guys?ย 

Ms.Red:- No.You were red hot at it.You used to scribble,like no one else could I am told.You are legend among colours actually.”Wish those Vishesh times come”,is what we colours tell each other.

Me:-I am honoured.Red blood,Red strawberries,red apple.Which red is your favorite?ย 

Ms.Red:- Del la Red.Heheheh he..he is a footballer.No seriously,I prefer apples and strawberries.Apples ,because,it feel on that black and white(photo) fellow’s head,Newton,I think his name was.It started of all the weird things about earth going in circles.Strawberries,because,they taste so good .And of course,Ferrari,my my,I just love em’ .

Me:-Rather materialistic.So I take it you follow the Reds?

Ms.Red:-By me devil,no,I prefer Red Devils.Cristiano..oh he is…

Me:- Ok,I am a gunner,so please.And that fellow can’t play football he is a misplaced Ballerina.Oh!there is see Ms.Pink,catch you later..


I had to sprint away from Miss Red,who then claimed I was hot.But I am a human being and I didn’t want to get coloured red and cause a traffic jam,in the world of colours.I next happened to “fall across” Miss Pink.She was beautiful indeed.

Me:-Voila,senorita Pinky! Wow..wooow!You are soooo pretty,who is your make up artist?ย 

Ms.Pink:- Oh! you rascal,you moron,I curse thee,that you shall wear a pink skirt on your wedding day!

Me:- Oh! Young miss,please forgive this human.But seriously,what is this,thee? why curse God? Thee means God now days!

Ms.Pink:-My,my,a lady does not get her due respect.By my eye brow,I do not use any make up.What is beauty but God’s gift!

Me:- Wow,ok!Now that is something,which girls might have to learn.Why do they want to cheat guys anyway? After all there are lesser girls than boys..Anyway I prefer original people,not fake ones..But why do girls prefer Pink?ย 

Ms.Pink:- Oh!stupid,not girls,but young ladies do. It adds beauty.It enhances,it shows good health,it makes you feel good within.It..

Me:- Ow! Stop it! You are making my shirt pink! You seem rather gender biased.My,my,ย feminists might have some issues with you.But you seem too royal to me.Royal Challenge,are for young men?

Ms.Pink:-You atrocious little clown! You add gloom to a lady’s sigh! get away,shoot..

And she walked away holding her nose,towards the sky. But she was really beautiful and I was dreaming..A dream within a dream..And boom! I bumped into Mr.Blue!

Mr.Blue:-Oyi!my boy!Oyi!watch where you go! This ain’t a blue ocean and a blue sky,for you to roam!

Me:- Oh!Mr.azure!Mr.blue!Sorry I was lost ,in a labyrinth carved by the beauty of a certain miss.Whose eye brows song,I wish to sing,like a young Shakespeare’s man of regiment means would.

Mr.blue:-Wake up!my boy!wake up! Now that dude who shook the sphere,with is versatile verses? Ha yes,I am a fan of his.Beautiful,he was at using us colours.Few have such a taste today.What with me getting to see,no more culture,except people trying to burn themselves,in summer!I do wonder why people don’t take to writing verses or flying blue kites.

Me:- Me too.Hmm..well you know,maybe they think,they become “hot”,if they do it or maybe they are jea…And no one from my country tries to burn themselves,as you call it.We are really good looking.We don’t need to get tanned,tanneries are banned in most states here.

Mr.blue:- Ha such a fine man.I do think,you are witty.

Me:- Oh! blue sky,

Who by mysteries symbolize

Many a dream and dreamy night,

Lit by the sun’s light…

Mr.Blue:-Wah,wah!Your words dispel all the blues!Lovely.

Me:-So I take it you like Sky blue?ย 

Mr.Blue:- Blue skies,Blue seas,Blue rivers,everything which is glued with blue!ย 

Me:- Oh!so you are a fan of Man.City,then?ย 

Mr.Blue:-Yup.I got to go,that reminds me.Give me your phone number.

Me:- 99***********. Bye.Keep in touch.I will send you my blog link,it has a lot of blue!

Mr.blue:-Ha sure.Good day,young man!

So after blue, I stared at the brown ground and green grass until I met Mr.Orange.Being a person who likes orange(though I am allergic to the fruit)

Me:-Hello Mr.Orange.Why is it that sages prefer you?ย 

Mr.Orange:- Ha ,do they now,yes they do.Orange , am I not.Ha wisdom,I tell you.Think,we make you.

Me:-Er..that’s nice..but why…whats that?ย 

I pointed at a far of thing,which looked like black to me,I then, ran away from orange,though it is one of my favorite colours..and bumped into Mr.Green,who was colouring plants.

Me:-Ha the grass sure is greener on the other side!How do you do Mr.green?

Mr.Green:- My orange does make people say weird things…anyway ya I am doing good.Well ya,the grass part,when I look into the mirror I am greener than ever,saves me from those weird stuff,Ms.Red is into.My,whats the world coming to.Hypocrites,they keep cutting trees and say,they need to stop global warming.Cut the coals,I tell them!

Me:- Don’t turn red,be green.Stop getting so angry.We do need some greenery.

Mr.Green:- Funny enough.Here then,take this and colour along.

And so ย Mr.Green and me went along colouring..until Mr.Brown arrived.

Mr.Brown:- You Roadies!How dare you blot my wonderful colour! OYI!

Mr.Green:-Oh! ya,Well,Green is better,get it!What do you think?

And they broke into a fight.I was shocked,why not even colours seem to get along.

Me:-Guys,you both go along well.I mean brown and green make a good combination,so stop it.

Mr.Brown:-Oh!Really? You can say that,you don’t know,how much of effort it takes to make things brown!

Mr.Green:-And you don’t know how much it takes to make things green,take this..

ย And bang ,bang.No movie hero can fight like them.It was a very colourful fight.And then Ms.White came along and stopped them.

But by the time,I could respond,something white and bright hit me hard.And I heard a lot of noise,around me.Damn,it was the sun again,oh!damn damn,its 10!*sigh!

Ya I know,maybe I am just bored…So what,I at least get to tag some more people…

I tag:-




4) Anika(Don’t know if you do tags,I hope you do this one)





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