A visit to Chennai sangamam

January 14, 2009 § 11 Comments

First of all,Thank you all for your support.I have opened a question in the wordpress Forum here. Thanks all of you who have commented in that fellow’s blog.

Since today is Pongal,I want to write something good.Yesterday night,I went to the Chennai Sangamam. It aims to bring folk art in Tamil Nadu,to the limelight.

Yesterday all roads lead to Venkatanarayana Road,a key road in the city.The traffic was diverted and the artists took to the street.It got to see Poikal Goodurai,Fire blowers,Seelamatham,gymnastics and a lot of other dances.I also had dinner there-Kothu barotha and veg koorma.Five star hotels have set up stalls too,but by the time we made it to them,they were out of stock.

My camera is broken,so had to make do with my 2 MP,no flash,mobile camera.I managed to take a couple of videos as well.So here are the pics and slideshows.For more about this sangamam,see their site- http://www.chennaisangamam.com/
The videos first:-



Click to go to the album.


the event sure is a success.Had lots of fun and saw a lots of things 🙂


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§ 11 Responses to A visit to Chennai sangamam

  • Reema says:

    nice! happy pongal!

  • The floodlight in the background has spoilt the video 😦

    சென்னை சங்கமம் seems to be successful on an unbelievable scale! When we went to one of the venues to watch the events, the crowd was too huge and there were long queues for the food stalls. We were hungry and had to leave after just a glimpse. The event is on for a couple of days more, so may go there again but the crowd is only going to be bigger, since its Pongal time.

    It’s a good idea to bring folk and village (and to a lesser extent, classical and modern) arts to neighbourhood parks and beaches. More people will become aware of them and the struggling artists too will welcome it. I hope they include even more neighbourhood parks next year!

    திருவிழா! நம்ம தெருவிழா! 🙂

    Happy Pongal!!! 🙂

  • Checked out the photos, they are cool!!!

  • Keshi says:

    Happy Pongal mate! 🙂

    cool video!


  • praddy says:

    I was there too and had a great time…imagine loads of ppl watching the show at 12 in the midnight.. It sure is a sucess

  • Chirag says:

    I have done my Engineering in Chennai. I just love Chennai, specially Beer, Besant nagar Beech. Besant Fast food.

    Sangam is great place to observe art. Happy Pongal Dude! 🙂

  • wow – love anything to do with art forms. Thanks for putting this up 🙂

  • @reema: 🙂

    @raj: when i went,also it was crowded,just used my football skills 🙂

    @leafless: 🙂

    @keshi: 🙂

    @praddy: 😀

    @chirag: 🙂

    @verb: 🙂

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Hey I was there on Jan 16th at venkatnarayana road. Had dinner at Rathna Cafe and then went to Soundararajan road to catch our bus to Tirupati. It was full of lights and people. Never seen in Chennai like this before. Very cool pictures, I guess I missed it.

  • bharat says:

    you still have an exclusive footage with your 2mp camera 🙂

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