Bribery-you need to even if you don’t have a blackberry

January 5, 2009 § 14 Comments

A sudden humourous has struck me.I suddenly seem to have got the bubble blowing bubby tumor.It can’t get any worse than telling a science group student,a few minutes before their physics exam,”stop studying about current,you may get a shock.” Well why not make most of what you have?Complaining is not going to get me the publicity-no interviews on headlines today or for that matter even on IBN-LIVE.

As I inch towards my 650 posts mark,one of the topics which my cartoons haven’t embraced yet,has struck me.Of course,being a extermly “good” person and since I welcome a lot of bad humour from people around me during exams,as I act like an pucca shaib from the times when a peon managed to have fun in our country( Ya I mean Clive,Robert Clive) and not allow them to copy from me,corruption is bad water,more worse than water from any of the colourful rivers in our country.Whether everyone in the country can afford a Blackberry or not,it is essential to be able to afford bribery.

Wonderful,no one can ever destory corruption or bribery,as long as people want to fulfill their wants without doing any work.From the watchmen in hotels to the top people in government offices,everyone wants onething-more money.And all the while,we all claim to be a very religiously sensitive country.I do wonder when a godman named Corruption Baba is going to appear.Why do it under the table,as they call it?No justification,as we say in Tamil,anyway “Namamthan podapuran”(anyway they are going to cheat us,er..namam is the U shaped thing which we brahmins wear on our forehead,don’t know whats it called in English).

So before this post becomes longer than a Saree from one of the silk centers in our country(lest,I inspire them to kill more worms),let us get to the cartoons..

Inspiration from this post at Nita’s blog.

From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped

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§ 14 Responses to Bribery-you need to even if you don’t have a blackberry

  • Reema says:

    A very apt “possibly related post” 😛

  • Nita says:

    haha that was great reading/viewing! Corruption Baba indeed! The way things are going, I mean the shameless acceptance of people who are known to be corrupt, the next step would certainly be a Corruption Baba. A temple can be built, with your visuals as carvings on the temple! The corrupt people will all have free entry and the non-corrupt would need to pay a bribe to enter! But as that would lead to the temple becoming bankrupt due to the scarcity of those who do not take bribes, we could have a nominal fee for the corrupt as well.

  • Corruption also needs a website like : Anyone can find everyone who is interested in corruption!

    Destination Infinity

  • vijay says:

    Good one. hailing from chennai and working in an industry that sustains on your topic, i would say that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. i moved to singapore 3 years ago and have never had to ` scratch anyones back’ since.

    nice art work. keep them coming.

    incidentally – for the serious artists, take a look at my post based on my friends sketch tdy


  • Chirag says:

    🙂 Sensitive Issue very seriously handled, I think religious sensitivity is directly proportional to Political Opportunity and Helplessness of Conman man.

  • Jeevan says:

    If right generation thinks your way, we can clear the bribe. I think it must start from every home.

  • Aneesh says:

    I guess filtering the politicians itself can reduce a lot of bribery and ofcourse modernizing the infrastructure, so that whatever should be done has a proof where as now, even to see someone you need to give bribe, but if you have a mechanism for all those things.. bribe can be reduced.. and that too to a lot extend 🙂

  • Kiran says:

    though we can filter bribery from home, it is not easy to filter it in the society. from politicians-bureaucrats-businesses-govt agencies, all are involved. very thought provoking post.

  • Solitaire says:

    Can I bribe you to come read my latest post and buy a book?
    Details are up!

  • 😆 Funny!

    I disagree about the leveller part, though. The poor often have no choice but to pay bribes 😡 The rich often turn out to the the ones that willingly give a bribe to get favours done 😡 Though corruption harms everyone, the poor are victims of those who demand bribes. The rich on the other hand, are usually guilty of offering bribes.

  • @reema: 😛

    @nita: lol,I don’t want my images to get corrupt 😉

    @DI : lol 😛

    @sakhi: 🙂

    @compulsive: 🙂

    @vijay: nice blog you have there 🙂

    @chirag: 😀

    @jeevan: true 🙂

    @aneesh: 😛

    @kiran: 😀 😀 😀

    @sol: 🙂

    @raj: true..thanks for pointing out 😀

  • arvind says:

    bribery and curroption is very difficult from a country like ours .
    nO matter how much we try ..
    there are situations when it comes back haunting us …

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