Butterfly award and a cup

December 6, 2008 § 19 Comments

A couple of more awards,this time from Vimal.
The combo reminds me of the prizes they give school,a certificate and a “cup”.well since school days are “nembered”(*ahem,my principal’s pronounciation),I think this will be the last time i get this combo(I am optimistic,I look forward to more costlier stuff,not just some “suspected to be from sarava stores cups”,though this seems pretty costly,is it Victorian,Tanjorian or  maybe Armani?).Now i pass this on to:-

1)Gounder Brownie(the cup,for lovely posts and the butterfly,for the comments section)

2)Reema(cup for calculating volume and the butterfly for thoughs and opinions)

3)Nita(cup for the effort you put into each post and the info,the butterfly for presentation).

4)Sakhi(Cup for the art,butterfly for the stories).

5)Anshul(how about a cartoon with these too?)

Hmm..yes,What do you think of the latest sketches? yesterday’s post 😉

6)Amit(cup for the posts and butterfly for making writing them).

7)Raj(Cup for your posts,butterfly for your comments)

8)Apar(cup for your interesting posts and the butterfly for A )

9)Compulsivewriter(Both the cup and the butterfly for your posts)

Lol,I want to pass this on to a lot of poeple,but then they too need to pass it on,so I will stop with seven 🙂 Thanks Vimal for the awards 🙂 


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