Shut up,please!

December 2, 2008 § 21 Comments

first let me start with a big thanks to all the news channels for covering the Mumbai Terror attacks,without you people,we all would be ignorant of the lapse in our security,what really happened(even though a few speculations few around,but I forgive you for that and also for not reporting all those people who died  and lost their homes thanks to the cyclone) and the true heros and the zeros.Now ,please shut up!

Yes we are angry.But what is the use of getting more and more people to talk,talk and talk more? This is getting blase.Are they trying to gain more TRPs? The best part is no speaker gets to make his/her point clearly.I think we all need to give the government time .What action do we expect the government to take? Bomb the country the terrorists came from? So for a while let us watch and listen,enough of  all this hullabaloo.I too am pissed off by such an action,but “let us act like civilised people” (yes act,are we all civilized?) and watch for a while.

And I had this interesting question,

Hanuman set fire to Lanka,why isn’t that terrorism?

And no i am not promoting terrorism(if you think I am,then read my poems,and FYI,i don’t even crush the mosquitoes,so)It is just a question which poped up.If you don’t want to use your name,you can always use Anon,but yes I am looking forward to answers on this one.


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§ 21 Responses to Shut up,please!

  • Nikhil says:

    I think there’s a subtle difference – evil and necessary evil. Why aren’t the US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan called ‘terrorism’…? Apparently, we live in such a fucked up word that killing other people is sometimes accepted as necessary.
    Mythologically speaking, we aren’t a very mature race of creatures – violence existed even back then, maybe more brutally so.
    It’s a debate that one wouldn’t want to venture into. 🙂

  • Princess says:

    Media really exaggerates things.. and it has learned that people never move from their couch even if they show the same footage again and again during times of crisis and people look for information.. (though no good info is provided which is of direct use for the families of the victims)

    And regarding the hanuman part, it is said similar to Kanagi that the fire burnt only the bad ones and not the population as a whole.


  • ginnypub says:

    Ahhh, nothing like a little insight from a 17-yr-old member of the “religion of peace”.

  • lena says:

    I believe each violence should be called terrorism. Once it is a crime against humanity, when innocent people die, then it is terrorism, and no good causes will ever cover all the evil and will never be able to bring people who were killed back.

  • priya Joyce says:

    hmmmm what I feel is..terrorism is any kind of violence which can put the people in terror….So that too is….


  • i agree… we the people with barkha dutt was a joke! wt the hell was simi garewal thing! the over analysis is getting to me. no sensitivity absolutely

  • Sahefa says:

    i agree with the whole point you are trying to say but i cannot answer your question coz i don’t know the whole story between Hunuman and Lanka

  • Apar says:

    Well, there is no black and white I suppose. As Nikhil has said…isn’t what the US doing in Iraq & Afghanistan terrorism? Of course not, they are weeding out the terrorists…right?
    I don’t want to get into the Hanuman question you have posed.
    Supposedly there will be some one out there (may be a terrorist) who says all is fair in love & war!

  • There are different kinds of terrorism . . . individual terrorism, group terrorism, state terrorism . . . one has to be careful not to respond to group terrorism with state terrorism . . . but yes, the terrorists have to be brought to book for their crimes against humanity, for the senseless killings of innocent people . . . the country from where these cowards operate must wipe out the handlers of these scum beings, else we should do it! I don’t know how Hanuman comes into the picture . . . there is a huge difference between mythology and facts!

  • Nita says:

    Whether we like it or not, there is something called official war. We may be against it, but it exists. Needless war is wrong, but can anyone say that the war to wipe out Hitler was wrong? So it is only in hindsight that we come to know whether a war is wrong or right, because at the time of war, the rhetoric of the leaders convinces everyone that the war will save lives. It could take in fact more lives…and that is when the war is evil. Only wise leaders make the right decisions.
    About Hanuman I think he was fighting a war, but I am not familiar with that story.

  • pria says:

    Media is always cat on the wall and exaggerate things. People shud not take everything wat the media says.

    Now people have started talking Mjr Unnikrishnan a keralite and hails from Kerala. What the F? Why not people accept as Indians first. This attitude shud change and everything will change.

  • Tarun Goel says:

    This is the best thing I have come across all through this(these) incidences. You have a head firmly placed over your shoulders. Kudos!!
    A very very nice post.

  • Manoj says:

    True, even I wondered why there was not much of the coverage regarding the cyclone down south. For, it was very severe from what I heard. And yes, let us, AGAIN, give some time to the Government.

    And haaa..why do you want to compare mythology with terrorism? 😀 ha ha. I mean, I don’t say you shouldn’t..but then… 😀
    Well, Mythology has always reflected the triumph of good over evil. So when Hanuman had set Lanka in fire,it signified the death of evil and not any of the innocent souls 🙂

  • Keshi says:

    Any thought/word/deed that hurts another intentionally is TERRORISM.


  • lakshmi says:

    A good post and yes, the media can get irritating..need to draw the line somewhere..who is interested whenther amitabh slept or not or with a gun under his pillow?

    as for yr other question, when hanuman set fire, is that terrorism ? NO, that is war and when there is war between two countries or armies, u do whats right to protect itself..ravana declared war on ram. and hanuman did whats right to protect his army and this case the terrorists and the nation (Pak) which is harbouring these terrorists have declared war on india and we need to protect ourselves..Im not sayg we need to retaliate , but if we have to, then we have to

  • handmaiden says:

    I don’t know why we have to condone the use of violence to achieve political ends or the use of violence to achieve religious ends.

    Terrorism & violence seems to be something humans accept as not being able to rise above. Why do we distrust & fear each other? We can blame politics & religion both for feeding the flames of violence against each other.

  • arvind says:

    well , yes media has been little insensitive sometimes..
    but thats thier job .. you dont like whatthey show. ..dont see it….
    as simple as that …
    nopoint cribbing on the same thing agian and again ..

    Hanuman set fire to Lanka,why isn’t that terrorism?
    I really dont know what tosay ..
    becuse i believe that it never happened .:P its juston the books

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Hanuman set fire to Lanka and it isn’t terrorism because he didn’t plan on doing it.

  • vishesh says:

    @nikhil: i see the war on Afg and Iraq as terror attacks.

    @princess: what defines good and bad?

    @lena: i agree..

    @pj: 🙂

    @sakthi: Ya we the people was the biggest joke of them all!

    @sahefa: 🙂

    @nita: true and we need wise leaders

    @pria: exactly

    @tarun: 🙂

    @manoj: i am entirely convinced about that 🙂


    @lakshmi: but wasn’t that before the war?remember he went as a messenger 🙂

    @handmaiden: yes we can and they have risen from within the system

    @arvind: 🙂

    @dinesh: ha,you mean its knee jerk?

  • Indian says:

    “Hanuman set fire to Lanka,why isn’t that terrorism?”

    I am forced to say you have some serious problems with your screwed up thinking. 😀
    I would be interested to see if some day your girl friend or wife is kidnapped, what would you do? I tell you what you would:
    1. Think what to do.
    2. Count 100 backwards to reduce your anger.
    3. Feel that it would be TERRORISM to pursue the kidnappers.
    4. That rather we should come to a mutual settlement even if that involves lot of money.
    5. If all else fails, start a hunger strike, may be call Medha Patkar for company.
    6. Finally calling a press conference to let reporters create a good story out of the whole affair.
    7. Oops I forgot, you would also call in Ram Gopal Varma to the site, so that he is able to make a sequel of Kidnap, Kidnap2.

    hehehe.. lol… 😀

    Get a life mate, there’s a difference between war for justice and waging war out of hatred. May be you should read the Ramayana once more…. 🙂

  • handmaiden says:

    hmmm, the last comment seems to be a bit of religious/political blackmail?

    lets say,some people just don’t understand.- vishesh

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