Thoughts on Terrorism

November 29, 2008 § 11 Comments

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Enough is Enough! Yes we say this again and again. The inital reaction has now subdued and it is replaced by more sensibile thoughts,by whoever is capable of such.

First before I get into the whole saga and try to put my sagacity to some use,let me first salute,those Men who gave their lives for saving many other.While we can be  skeptic and claim that they were just doing their duty,that in it self is something great.I am not so sure,I would have sacrifised my life for the sake of others.Hemanth Karkare, was under pressure and received SMS threats ,but still he went in and fought the terrorists,even while his intergrity was questioned. Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Havaldar Gajendra Singh and the other police and special forces officers and the staff of the hotel who helped save people also died fighting the scoundrels and they are the heroes of today.For a nation,which is so politically and religiously complicated,we all salute these men,without whom terror might have ceased the economy.

And ask me to name these people a week or a month from today,i don’t i will remember.That is always the problem,we all say so much,all of us blame and point fingers,yet we all forget.After all immaterial of whether we are from the mango selling class or the Taj class ,we have our business to do.We will be bothered about terror and the ugly reality of human goodness not being a whole some reality only when our own valued lives are threated.There is nothing wrong with that too.

In a way,this is our defence mechanism.Yet this attack will be remembered by us,for such action is not blase ,this is fresh and it has hit,the rich,the people who make India.The media which usually is more bothered about an actress sneezing or if an actor is wearing a pink shirt or concentrating on cricketers for a change had some real NEWS.At last the NEWS channel had their use,albeit,all of them showing the same thing.Popular NEWS anchors were rushed in and even NISHA(for those ignorant people,it is the name of the cyclone which cycled over Tamil Nadu) was forgotten with the rest of the celebrities as operation Cyclone went on.

We all were agape at the site of the Taj hotel burning.”A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and yet such beauty was smeared with such sinister force that you wonder “is this reailty?”.Even as rain swalloed our streets here in Chennai,we all watched the vice humans and the various forces battle it out.After all Mumbai is the financial capital of India.For a moment all of us forgot the communal divide which someone was trying to enforce upon us.We all watched as an intergrated force,fought the terrorists who had come here to die and blow up an icon of India.As smoke and fire spread through the Taj and the internal structure was vanadalized we were taken by an eerie thought-is this what happens to the Business India? 

The battle has ceased to be religious,it is now the developed and modern against the retarded and mideval minds who want to own our world.At the same time,the terrorists who died are not the devil himself.They were mere pawns in the game,who were comanded and sacrifised by a much larger force.

By attacking an icon and entering through the gateway of India,those unscrupulous beings have mocked the nation.And our soveregnity was preserved and shall be.For once,the politicians have not been able to play their games.For once we question them and for once they are answerable to us.

And as more and more clues regarding the affiliation of the terrorists to various international orgainzations are found,what are going to do? Since the media has branded this as India’s 9/11,are we going to go out and blow another nation? Of course that is not going to help,this attack has proven that.Cutting a branch is only going to help the tree grow better.What we need to do,is cut the tree at its base and then make sure we utilize it properly.

What we are facing ,are groups who are ready to die.And fear is their weapon.If  an other nation has an hand in this,then it time to end this for once and all,but then at what cost?

First let us see the face of the enemy and not fight something which has no proper form.We need to get the people who are behind these attacks and make them responsible for all this.They should be made to work and manually replace every inch of a building.They should be made to understand how much it takes to build those buildings.These people are no idiots of of course,they know what they are doing.

They should have a cause,so to them let us say ,we want to hear what is their cause.But no cause is so great that you should kill so many people.This is not a question of fighting fire with fire.In the end we shall all be burnt in our own,which these people anyway are willing to do.

We have to respond though, but how?The problem is there is no thrid persons view here.We are all in it.We need to think from outside. 

We need to make those cowards come out and fight face to face and take responsbility,that is of course if anything human is left in them.Whatever happens,weeds will always be there in a garden.But among humans,the difference between a weed and a useful plant is how a person’s mind is lead.So let us make sure we do not give space for more terrorists to be born.And to those existing-lantena is a weed,but it is still grow as a ornomental flowers.But if these are not humans but only useless weeds,sorry its time to cull.


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§ 11 Responses to Thoughts on Terrorism

  • Pj says:

    i donno wat to say….its reely crossing limits ….high time tat we stop it

  • Apar says:

    It is inevitable. We probably will not remember the names down the lane. All of us will get back to our daily routine. We have to; none of us have the money to sit back and be numbed for life. Even those who are bereaved or injured will get back to normalcy. Nightmares they might have, but still would go on.
    What can we do? More of us opt for kids to take up NCC or army training. Stop cribbing about the rations/pay hikes to the armed forces. Some things that came to my mind.
    As for the media…well…let them know that they have to cover news….all news!!!

  • The eye for an eye concept applies for everyone. If people are ready to come and die, either they are too disillusioned or too misguided. What makes them think they are doing the right thing? We should seriously analyse all these things. I really doubt if the youth of today even know what the kashmir problem, for instance, is all about. Watching “Border” doesn’t help much with facts.

    Destination Infinity

  • Archana says:

    I agree pretty much with what you are saying. I think we the people are as much responsible as the police or anybody to let this happen. I am guessing this war of terror needs the same spirit to fight that was needed when Indians fought for their independence from the British Raj. It seems we are not really free anymore.

  • padma says:

    The terrorist are mostly misguided youth from the lower rungs of society.Why doesn’t Dawood’s son or Osama’s son in law come forward as a suicide bomber?If only these people realize that they are being used and thrown the problem may be less intense.As for our politicians,they are sickening people.No need to even mention them.

  • So saddening to hear of this.

    Seems like a major problem with conducting the war on terrorism is that terrorism is a method of attack that’s hard or impossible to eradicate by purely military means and that seems to be utilized by more and more different groups with different agendas.

  • As i said we should unite like them – but for a better cause..we should be ready to sacrifice (if not our lives but few days of our lives) like them but for a better cause! We should use our weapons ‘knowledge & rationale mind’ likem them incessantly..the youth with power should unite! and work for the better of the society!

  • vishesh says:

    @pj: 🙂

    @apar: NEWS 🙂

    @archana: 🙂

    @padma: true..very true..

    @paul: true..

    @verb: true! 😀

  • Scietech says:

    I salute the brave policemen, army men and commandos who laid down their lives in this operation against the scum beings. But public memory is notoriously short. Some people have resigned and I wonder if things are going to go back to square one after this.

  • chitralekhan says:

    Very insightful, Vishesh, especially considering you’re so young -16-17 year-old. Good post. Some 61-71 year-old-folks also lack your sensitivity. Do well in whatever you do. Try not to lose your passion on issues of consequence. Thanks for sharing your views so candidly.

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