A subway full of water

November 28, 2008 § 18 Comments


From mobile photos!

A subway full of water.This is the subway opposite Pothys(can you see the building?) .Lovely isn’t it.My area is an island.Thankfully my street is better off than most places.Except the 14 hour power cut,there have been no other problems,oh of course  i forgot the mosquitoes who tried to sing a lullaby.I didn’t have the heart to kill such talent,so i bore it all night long.


From mobile photos!

Above are Auto drivers of Chennai,huddled up,discussing the situtation.The subway is after all one of the cities most used.”T-nagar traffic jam aa”,is one of the most popular statements in Chennai.

From mobile photos!

Swimming anyone?The dirtest water you shall find anywhere on earth,baring the koovam and Adyar,both of ’em by the way have breached their banks i heard.

From mobile photos!

And so a few people who were too bored by the power cut(and the autodrivers of the near by stands) decided to play some cricket to entertain themselves.You can a mini river falling into the lake.

From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!

Yup who told you,cricket needed a big ground to play?So what if the English team has run away after a 5-0?We will send these local players.They are capable of adapting to any condition anywhere.Now that is adaptability!

From mobile photos!

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