A table with carvings

October 2, 2008 § 18 Comments

From misc3

There are a few things,which deserve no words.For the simple fact,words are too low a decoration for them.I doubt if any one today can carve something like this.But i don’t blame people for not coming with such stuff today.Our style now is special too,in its own way,it a stage in history.

Just imagine how much of work the person who made this must have put into the piece.(S)he did it for a living,for a little bit of money.But did (s)he really do it for the money?couldn’t (s)he have done it for his passion?How much of the artist can we find in this work?Ā 

I think,there is love behind this.Love for himself/herself.There is always sense of peace ,when you do something which you love.But then,we all know,that if you are born into a family of carpenters you work with wood.So did the artist hate what he did? And forced himself to do it?What do you think? Was it to satisfy his stomach or for the love of his work?Ā 

And here is the full piece ..

From misc3

(Click to expand.)


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