Wall-e(movie review)

September 30, 2008 § 17 Comments

Humans have polluted earth,so much,that they can’t live here any more.So they leave the planet to itself and go out into space,in a fully robot run space ship.Ops,but they forget to turn off one robot,Wall-e.700 years later,they send another robot,called eve,to see if earth is liveable.And there wall-e falls in love with eve.Wall-e manages to get into the space ship which carries eve back to the humans craft.

Humans no more know that they can walk.they  are obese and  don’t even need to move around-they have robots for everything.But the plant which eve brings back from earth,is a sign that earth might be liveable again.The super obese captain suddenly realizes that,humans true home is earth! And so they plan to head back,but the auto pilot thinks otherwise…

One of the best movies i have seen.It puts an important message across,in a very entertaining way.It makes us notice the fact,that earth too has a limit.

Who told love is for humans alone? Robots fall in love too and their love  brings humanity back to earth.A sure must watch.There are very little dialogues and the movie itself is only 90 minutes long.Enjoyable,fun and at the end of the day,makes you think about earth,the surface,below the sky!I will give this one a 5/5.


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