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August 21, 2008 § 24 Comments

A guy loves a girl.The girl doesn’t love him.Usual story?In films,goons are the boon,they appear on the scene,from no where and steal a bag or do something stupid.Or the girl just gets impressed with something the guy does.Is it so in real life?In real life,it is the first impression which plays most part,for the human mind is capable of judgment and will use its discretion.Like in cinema ,in real life too friends and other around play an important part.But lets leave everyone else fro a while and concentrate on the guy and the girl.

The girl has judged the guy and she doesn’t love him.She doesn’t hate him either.The guy is head on heels and flatter on feet,water in the sky over her.He tries to impress her by doing a lot of things.But she isn’t impressed.The guy understands what is happening but likes her so much that he can’t forget about it.He wants her really badly,so what should he do?How can he impress her?Isn’t it best that he talks it out openly with her,instead go beating around the bush?isn’t better to put the facts and think on them?Especially if it affects the guy badly-mentally and emotionally?What do you think?

This post is dedicated to my friend O.And he didn’t ask me to post it.He doesn’t know about this yet.

P.S.: had a blast of a day.Went for a quiz and then had my school annual day.Two of my friends came 5th out of 746 participants.And the annual day went on well 🙂


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§ 24 Responses to love is….

  • Prashant says:

    Hi Vishesh,

    Came across your blog through surfing.,. Great to see someone blogging at an young age.That too wisely. I appreciate that. I would like to know what inspires you.

    And abt this post, the reply is go through the experience to know about that. Such love feelings at this age are rather a puppy love, more hallucinating than they seem. So no advices. Time is the only answer.

    Drop me a mail at my id. would like to have some discussion about your beliefs. I Would appreciate if you could check out my blog too.

    God Speed.

  • I guess your friend should tell the girl. It’s the only way to go about it. But I don’t know what I would tell him if the girl does not respond positively 😦

  • pria says:

    He is wasting his time when she doesn’t care for him. Let his heart be safe and finish his studies better. Wat u say V?

  • Sameera says:

    Maybe the girl had her own reasons.We cannot judge unless we know both sides of the story.

    Good that your annual day went on well! 🙂

  • T says:

    Its crush or love ? Don’t confuse crush and love.

    Love do not need the haste that he is showing, and neither the desire of possessing her. Love flourish from the happiness of person you love, it finds comfort in seeing the progress of person you love.

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Guys beat around the bush because when they express their opinion to the girl openly, they fear that they might be rejected. But in cases when the girl is not impressed over anything the guy does, it is best to bite the bullet and express it. If she says no, you just say it’s ok and walk off to expect something new in life. It is mad to stick on to someone if the someone is not interested in you.

    BTW, I ‘ve blogrolled you.

  • sakhi says:

    May be he is over doing it! give her some space and let her”miss” him! In-case she is really interested she will be curious when all the shower of affection suddenly stops… this might work! 🙂 🙂

  • xylene says:

    I agree with T, very young guys like your friend confuse infatuation, love and a crush. I am not saying that very young can’t understand what love is.
    There is nothing like love at first sight, its called a crush.

  • Sahefa says:

    xylene is right…mera annual day bohat superb hota ha…i usually get many postitions:D

  • Priya joyce says:

    I think we shud not judge anyone without knowing the conditions properly. 😛
    here I think gal might hav sum big reasons.
    my personal opinion u see!:P

  • arvind says:

    a waste of time ..
    ask him to leave her..
    may be she is not lucky enough to get him..
    if one tries to forget a girl ..he can do so certainly..
    no worth thinking about her day and night..
    she will never leave ur brain..

    ask him to read the post ..and comments too/..

  • Reema says:

    @Arvind why do guys think if some girl is not showing interest or inclination towards the desired effect she is the unlucky one?? and they (the guys) are some prizes ???

    @Vishesh I second Dinesh’s comment. Its better to clear the matter and move on. Life is too short to waste on one person. Moreover I think one decreases one’s value by portraying as too needy and desperate. If he plays it cool and aloof she may start showing interest. u know play hard to get!!

  • Ritu says:

    I know EXACTLY whom u’re talking about Vishesh..
    anyway, I’m sure that even if the guy plays hard to get, the girl WON’T show interest or get impressed. Its just that, sometimes, no matter WHAT you do, the feeling is just NOT there..but how will ‘O’ accept that? what if she NEVER likes him? whats he gonna do then?

    my advice, STOP acting desperate. She’s not the only gal in the world..somewhere round the corner, there might be someone who’s just ‘perfect’ for ‘O’, he just needs to find her or let her find him..

  • O (yeah me!) says:

    Hello Folks,

    I am after all the guy in the turbulence – Mr. O.

    I appreciate all the responses and again would like to stress that I am always open to all kinds of criticism, so no problems, people, thanks! anyway.

    I have known this girl for 8 years… I have liked her for 5 years now… since that time… I have evolved all my methods and approaches and have tried to remove MOST if not ALL the constrains between us.

    Some people might say that, let’s move on, there are better people out there and forget this episode… but folks… I have based all my persistence and patience on this girl after multiple considerations… I know she’s one of the best for my prototype of guy.

    This is our last year in school and there is a slim chance that we will get to see each other if the whole episode doesn’t go MY way (or, I don’t WIN). In which case, time will play the role of the ultimatum and reset our locations and pass onto neutrality… (so that’s for all the people who believe I ought to move on… time will only say so… until then there is either Victory or Neutrality… but NO defeat)

    Yes, I tend to pass matters onto neutrality and let them remain frozen… if I see there is minor/unlikely chance of victory. But in any case, I don’t give room for defeat. That way I have lost less in my life so far (thanks to God bless and friends’ support)

    BUT, if I WIN… (it goes my way)… then I will make sure that our relationship becomes more strong (and permanent). I assure you I will do so, whatever be the constrain afterwards.

    What’s left… is a direct question to her… like many have pointed out here. Well, I will do that soon… when I know I am going to get the answer I NEED. All I need is support from my well-wishers and friends…

    Thanks people (you can give all your comments on this, I look forward to it)


    Mr. O.

  • Ritu says:

    uh U know mr.O,

    if the girl had feelings would’ve had feelings for you, she wud’ve gotten impressed by NOW at least..
    I mean 5 YEARS isn’t a joke..

    I’m not asking you to become like those guys who can’t restrain themselves with just ONE girl going behind EVERY other girl they see on the road, but u can definitely trying moving on..
    remember, she might be the best, but there’s always, ALWAYS someone better..

  • Ritu says:

    this is what happens when ur listening to ‘bachna ae haseeno’ while commenting on such serious issues..

    lol anyway, its ‘if the girl had feelings for u, she’s wud’ve gotten impressed by NOW at least”

    sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Ritu says:

    I actually made an error in the word ERROR!

  • Ritu says:

    also, TRY moving on =))

    LOL..shit, I’m making a fool outta myself on a WORLD blog 😛

  • O (yeah me!) says:

    Thanks again, ritu.

    I will remain persistent until time prevents me.

    I will look forward to support.
    I will look toward victory.
    I will not take defeat.

  • Ritu says:

    deal ‘O’ 🙂

    I shall do whatever it takes to help you (in your words) WIN ^_^

    let the show..BEGIN

  • arvind says:

    i was talking generally ..
    it doesn’t actually mean she is just to make urself better at such a helpless situation..
    when a girl doesn’t pay any heed towards a guy who is going crazy about u wan him go behind her like mad..

  • jane says:

    aren’t ya likeee 17?
    well, ask him to have a ball, n take it as it comes..
    i suggest he give it a sly shot, n if it doesn;t work, ‘where’s the next girl’

  • Manasa says:


    Are you sure you will love this girl so much even after 10 years? You may have crush on some other girl once you get into a college. Do you think it is a right age for all this? You might lose your concentration on other stuffs because of this.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • O (yeah me!) says:


    Thanks very much for your time.

    Like I have pointed out on my major reply posted:
    on August 22nd, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Kindly refer the line:
    “Some people might say that, let’s move on, there are better people out there and forget this episode… but folks… I have based all my persistence and patience on this girl after multiple considerations… I know she’s one of the best for my prototype of guy. ”

    This might relate to your suggestion and hope I have clarified your comment.

    Thanks again.

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