what is the truth?

August 18, 2008 § 16 Comments

We all keep discovering things.Humanity has been propelled forward by the great discoveries and inventions.true enough.Yet there are so many people who say that it is man’s mistake that everything around us either dead or dieing.True we have caused everything to decay progressively,but then isn’t that man’s nature?
If we weren’t supposed to do all that,then why did we discover it? For so many things we say it is destiny ,fate etc,but why not for this?We are part of nature too aren’t we? We are nature aren’t we?Then what ever is happening is natural and aren’t we supposed to be letting it happen?Does being slightly more “sensible” mean that we should stop what nature has told us to do?I.e. destroy everything?So why fight over saving things which we ourselves have been so happily destroying?

Maybe earth will import something after we die.It might start life all over again.And well we have realized it.So it the fact that we relaized that we are killing ourselves slowly ,the reason,we started all the “nature” talks and things?Are we all doing all this,for the sake of ourselves in fear?

Just see around you.If you see,you will find everything is perfect.The air is filled with pollution,the ground around your house is cemented ,the road is tarred and the climate is changing as fast as the sun rises.So why should we bother about the green old days? We all are anyway going to die,so why not make it faster?Why not choke in your fire,than you neighbors?

Well the only reason why i think we are into this saving thing is because we discovered that too i guess,or maybe we just ran out of ideas and things to discover.One of these days,we will come up a perfect plan to save it all.Yup,it will be the idea of the century.The T.V shall have interviews by the genius of the age,the newspapers will have yards of columns written about the wonderful new thing.And once that is done,we all will think about what is next.Someone then will decide that we need more fun and start blowing someone else apart and finally we all will anyway end up fried.So what is the use of this saving thing anyway? The future gen.? Next Gen.Saving the planet for our future?On one side everyone talks about population explosion on the other about the next gen.Am I losing something.Who has got the right to decide who can make the future?Aren’t all that we have found out till now insignificant,considering the fact,that we still haven’t found a way to keep living forever?What is the use anyway? the only reason i can think of for all this is entertainment.We all are bored and need a reason to live.Simple.

Well i like the idea of saving.All those super heroes are cool,but those who go around saving things are cooler,sounds nice doesn’t it ?So what do i want to save anyway?

The one thing i truly want to save is the truth.I think that is the only thing worth saving.But what is the truth?i have asked a lot of questions in this post,but then this is the question i want you all to answer,what is the truth?



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§ 16 Responses to what is the truth?

  • Nova says:

    Aaaaah!!! One of those never-ending questions!!!

  • pria says:

    Truth stays only for a short period with pride and dies quickly as how we shrug off things and that is the truth.

  • Aneesh says:

    The truth?
    its simple, just delaying the sure outcome.
    You know, why we take medicine when we get disease?
    Anyway, one day we are going to die, then why do we take medicine, just die now :), but we want to live, we want to go till the end, as long as we can.
    That’s the truth!!!

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Survival is the truth. When we know that we are destroying the habitat around us, we want to save it because our survival depends on that livable habitat. If it was a <6 sense animal, it would simply be gone with the rampage and just did away with everything. But we have the 6th sense for a reason. We know what’s coming and we want to prevent it even if the mistake is done by us. We want to survive no matter what, because we need to see a lot more that is yet to come, and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. That is the truth.

  • Sameera says:

    As John Keats said,”Truth is beauty,beauty truth-that’s all you know on earth and all you need to know” πŸ™‚

  • Brilliant question!

    If I had a definite answer, I would have told you. I guess the Truth is something that is within us for each of us to discover. If we do not get fooled by the stupid reality which often represents falsehood, the Truth would emerge automatically 😐

    The reality fools humans into destroying everything. It has turned humans into a bunch of self-centred idiots who destroy things that form a very important part of the planet. But their crimes would not go unpunished. Someday or the other, they will have to face the consequences!

  • Nita says:

    The truth, like Raj said, lies within oneself. I assume you are speaking of the spiritual truth.

  • Divkiran says:

    for some odd reason ths reminded me of the new samsung ad…next is what?

    this post is pretty thought provoking i say…and to e frank, i don know the answer…i am still seeking the truth myself 😦

  • Jeevan says:

    Accepting to live what it is, may others accuse for something, but one can live peacefully just for being truth.

  • vishesh says:

    @nova: lol true πŸ™‚

    @pria: hmm..interesting…but then isn’t the thought that is the truth eternal?

    @aneesh: what is the medicine for life?

    @dinesh: true we all want to survive…so well everything is a reason to survive isn’t it?

    @raj and nita: so Raj if you knew the truth will you tell me? i don’t think you will πŸ™‚ true we have to see within and that is what we all are supposed to do….but not everyone sees things that way…for eg,for this question alone see what different people think…

    @divkiran: πŸ™‚

    @jeevan: πŸ™‚

  • Reema says:

    I second Dinesh’s view. We save to survive. There is no paradox between stopping population explosion and next generation …..its like eating food but not becoming obese and die of health problems. Its an instinct to propagate the species but to do it in a sustainable way is the issue.

  • Sameera says:

    I commented on both your posts yesterday but I don’t think they got published 😦

    As John Keats said,”Truth is beauty,beauty truth-that’s all you know on earth and all you need to know” πŸ™‚

  • Sameera says:

    I commented on both your posts yesterday but it ain’t there 😦

  • Aneesh says:

    ***what is the medicine for life?
    Be happy, Be content with what you have, Be optimistic πŸ™‚

  • jane says:

    the truth is that..
    ya’re a genius who asks too many questions, n color our minds with ya double-sided anwers πŸ™‚

    good mind-wrestling there πŸ™‚

    as far as saving goes. the world needs good n bad..
    saving is part of the good.. simple..
    just as destruction is part of the bad,,

    n if ya think we were to die either ways,
    why not end our life, n slash our wrists now???
    cos inside, we have the urgency to live,
    n well, naturally, we want our children to live as well πŸ™‚

  • Thedi Thedi….

    Thedi Thedi yethai thedi?
    Thedi Thdi Unmayai Thedi….

    Unmai yennum poiyai thedi….

    Destination Infinity.

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