Nationalism-peace and destruction,contest

August 15, 2008 § 8 Comments

First of all for the Order and beauty contest’s winner 🙂 And the winner is …Siddharth.Congrats ! 🙂 Now for the next contest-

Going along with the fervor around me,the topics for this one are

1)Nationalism and peace.


2)Nationalism and destruction.

You are welcome to interpret the topics in anyway and share whatever you feel about either of the two or both of them.Since both the topics are ‘opposites’ ,your entry can contain arguments posted by others(but those which take a dig on the person,shall be deleted.)Of course poems are welcome too :)And those good at block and tackle,can post an entry on those lines too 🙂

deadline:-18:00 hrs,IST,20th of August. 🙂

Again the contest is intended just for the sake of writing 🙂

All the best everyone!


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§ 8 Responses to Nationalism-peace and destruction,contest

  • Priya says:

    20th Aug is to early Vishesh!
    Kindly extend the dead line so that more entries can flow in!

  • Sameera says:

    Interesting topics! 🙂

  • cinnmint says:

    I am assuming this is where you post an entry for this contest

    I n Dependance
    If there is a lot to think before I take the road,

    If there is a million times to worry before the flight I board,

    Is that a problem with I or dependance?

    Is I and dependance bonded to life,

    like twins to part with death?

    Is hoping and wishing and freedom to feel

    Got to do with the country I live?

    Are thoughts bounded by the borders of questioning,

    Or will it be different if I were on the other side of the pacific?

    If the grass is green everywhere?

    Should I worry about the shade or worry if there’s enough to cover the land at all?

    If every switch steals a bit of the world that I make,

    And every click is about the info to take and break,

    If every time I blink there’s one more tear at stake,

    Will I ever be free to breath, feel, touch and dream.

    Is this the freedom I celebrate?

  • Siddharth says:


    Nationalism- the feeling of being a member of a nation, a feeling that can be deemed either patriotic or fanatic, depending on the extent to which the feeling degrades your ability to be sensible in making decisions on issues that may or may not directly concern the “Individual”. My doubt however is, why in the first place, did a need for such a feeling, such a sentiment arise? To usher in harmony and peace in a piece of land demarcated by boundaries drawn out of language, culture, traditions, lifestyles, food habits etc which in turn led to intolerance, disrespect and the urge to suppress the people of other “Kind” ? Was it to bring in peace or ring in bells of destruction of humanity as we understand it?
    Lets see..
    Why did I feel the need to live in a society? I feel, I cannot survive on my own? No. I feel, I will have a more comfortable life if I depend on other people? Yes. Am I really open to other people depending on me? Well, maybe, but I would prefer to set some filters first which will help me in short listing those whom I would like, rather those whom I would not mind helping(mind you, I am not putting any filters on receiving help.). Fine, the conditions are worked upon and accepted by a group who later go on to make a society and in the larger picture a nation. Now, peace and harmony prevail in my nation and so does humanity and kindness. I happy or am I?
    There is something else that I see with the people of other nations and I want it (here I has now become a “We”, we standing for a nation), but at the same time I am not ready to relax my filters. Do I forget about it? No. Why? Because I cannot survive without having them? No. Because I am greedy for anything and everything that grants me a better life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? YES. Thus, what do I have my hands filled with? Wars, death and destruction, inhumanity and cruelty, abuse of basic human rights! In all of this we still manage to maintain a fair amount of peace within our nation!
    What’s my conclusion? Should we have nations in the world? Yes. We should encourage the feeling of nationalism? Yes. Why? To maintain peace and harmony only in that piece of land? Absolutely yes! Should I have that selfish eye on what other nations have that I don’t? No. Do I have it? Yes. Do I restrain myself? No. Because I want the best for myself? Yes. Is it wrong??? No (here I have turned into a fanatic, but then can anyone define a universally accepted line as a demarcation between nationalism and fanatic nationalism??). Why not? My motherland is the greatest! Here’s where any rational man would drop his guns, because he will not be able to convince me that I am wrong.

    So the million dollar question is, “what did my nationalism give me?” Peace or destruction?

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  • siddharth says:

    @ above comment …
    I did not understand it … 😦

  • January 1, 2108: An Article in The Times of the Earth

    Globalism and Peace/Destruction

    There has been a rush of people to Mars. Especially after the glaciers have been melted, especially after the wild animals have become extinct, especially after the global warming has taken its best toll, especially after the terrorism looming large over a huge part of the earth, especially after the forests are fading away and only the concrete jungles are remaining, especially after the ozone hole has become all-pervasive, especially after the people have lost sense of all morals and only the consumers remain!

    Unlike Earth, Mars has been a more planned township. They maintain huge closed city complexes that are self sufficent. They are covered in all the sides and the whether and temperature can be changed according to the requirement of the locality. The forests are mandatory in every city. Greenery and gardens occupy about 70% of each township. Everyone has their own roof top gardens too. After years of patience, technology and climate-conditioning, they have now started growing unlimited natural water! This was the main break through of the martian community of humans. Then came the patient and determined growth of forests. Though it took time to grow the vegetation and import a variety of natural animals aided by the bio and zuo technological advances, the improvement is visible. The security – The last but the most important aspect of a long sustaining society. This is where the martians have had a huge edge over us, earthlings. All the members wishing to migrate to Mars have a compulsary DNA verification and character analysis by the most modern technology available till date. To add to all that there is a huge nano-tech security also present in all town ship – starting from embedded traceable sensors in each martian, instant live feed from cameras and what not. Needless to say, there have been very less ‘incidents’ till date, which is ofcourse slowly increasing every year. All to-gether excellent living conditions – atleast for now.

    The most ironic thing is, they had to build so much from scratch in Mars, which the earthlings before a hundred years were able to enjoy right here but took it for granted. The interest of the nation was always put before the interest of humanity and international peace. If only they had co-operated and lived peacefully without exploiting each other, all this destruction could have been avoided.

    Destination Infinity

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