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Yup i am tagged by compulsivewriter!!!!!! And this one is not one of those long never will see the day tags 😛 it is pretty nice one,about things which changed my life 🙂

Now i am pretty young and handsome (lol,17!) ,so what changed can be there in my life?Hmm…so after the day when a non-existent bomb decided not to show it self up and helped us bunk two periods(more on that in the next post!) it is time to retrospect.So down the choco trail i go(most of you said that,but well it isn’t try guessing again and ya if you know a site where i can upload a photoshop animation please do tell 🙂 ) again.

The book :-I love to read and i should thank my mom for this.She turned the T.V. addict me to a guy who cannot stop reading 🙂 All the books i finish have some impact on me,like an Equal Music.(click to go the review) which inspired me to write a poem.But the book i owe all to is :-

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho !

It is the book which opened my eyes to the fact that i have done the basic things which he was talking about in the book.It caused me to realize that a lot of my habits,were actually the right things to do.he also gave me the confidence to understand there is another world 🙂

The POEM:- Well yes,it is all down to one poem! I used to write poetry when i was in smaller classes,but then had given up on the habit.But then one fine day,when i was idling in class,i picked up the pen again and wrote Mother India! And since then i have kept writing.

The people:- MY grandfather comes first when i say people.I usually show all my poems first to him.Then of course my parents for letting me write 🙂 Ops and i shouldn’t forget my SIS! LOl! even though she cannot understand,i  have shown her a few of my poems 🙂 And then you who read my blog! it is thanks to you guys that i keep writing.While I basically write for myself,it is nice to see others reading your poems and commenting 🙂 Also i shouldn’t forget my friends Especially Rohan and Harsha for their support and being the only ones patient enough to listen to me when i get into my long laments 🙂 And there is one special person whom i owe a lot more than i can say here 🙂 She knows who she is 🙂 She is the reason why i am even here today 😉

Music:- Yup i draw a lot of passion from music.And music has had its part in changing me.Ever since i picked up the violin,i have started listening to a wider variety. Every piece of music i listen to me,changes me in one way or the other and i one day hope to write lyrics for some good cause 🙂

The SEA,The sun and nature:- What is so great about the sea? Well see here to know more about it 🙂 And of course i consider humans as a part of nature,so every person i met has had an impact on me for the good or for the bad(?).

And last but not the least THE LIGHT SHINES THE BRIGHTEST 🙂

Now for the tagging part :-


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