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I just love this photo.I took this one about 3 years back,when i visited Mumbai 🙂

I have always wondered what is on the ‘other side’,i.e. beyond the horizon.So for a second let go of your reality and think about things which might lie on the ‘other side’.Also what if you controlled sun,what will you do?


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  • Pj says:

    oops tats a difficult question . I really don’t know wat to put down there. but yes pic is very nice I too luved it.

  • lena says:

    i would let it be the way it is… after all there is a special magic in NOT knowing 🙂

  • Sameera says:

    Why did you have to upload this pic on Flicker?I can’t see it,it’s blocked here! 😦

  • pria says:

    V, we have destroyed or polluted many things. Atleast the sun remain the same forever.

    Nice picture.

  • arvind says:

    awesome pic..
    there lies the reality of the world… 😛 we cant reach it how much we try . 😦

    i would keep the sun dim …when i am out on the road ..
    😛 if i could control it

  • W.H.E.W!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel says:

    First of all sorry ok..I am not able to follow up all the posts that you are making…And don’t think that I am not liking your posts and hence not commenting..I am just not finding the time to do so…hope you understand 🙂

    And BTW amazing pic…!

  • Nita says:

    this is a great picture!

  • handmaiden says:

    That is a nice picture. when I look at it I don’t think about what is on the other side but about taking a journey to the Sun.

    If I had control of the Sun…Wow! what would any of us do with that much power? Maybe when Nations insisted on solving their disputes by violence against other Nations, I could threaten to turn off the Sun? I would us my power to force people to solve their disputes by non-violent means.

  • leafless says:

    So serene. I like it too.

  • Aaarti says:

    Wow, this is seriously an amazing pic… i have one of the sun rising taken from my friend’s home balcony…. 🙂

    well, on the other side lies a whole new day~! 😀

  • Solitaire says:

    There lies HEAVEN.

  • Kapil says:

    Came to Mumbai? Where is home then? I thought you were from Mumbai!! I think so much.

    Great picture. Very similar to one I took!

  • jane says:

    beautifulllllllllllll pic,
    beyond the horizon is where afterlife is- and it’s a sudden drop from reality.. 🙂
    tatz what i like to believe..

  • Manoj says:

    Good picture..the hues were captured well 🙂 Well, I see horizon even beyond :D…I would not do anything to the sun if given a power. I would not like to go against the nature.

  • Sakhi says:

    Wow! you seem to be an ace photographer here! It has really come out very well! keep clicking and not i am not going to rake my brains! Its already boggled! 🙂 😛 🙂

  • Beautiful photo!!!

    On the “other side” lies the vast unknown. What is known is a drop of water, what is unknown is the ocean! 🙂

    If I controlled the Sun, I would ask the Sun to let loose some kind of special radiation on the Earth that would wipe out humans but would not harm the other Earthlings (plants and animals) in any way 😐

  • Jeevan says:

    Clear sunset and beautiful scenery! Its always a wonder thinking something beyond visible.

  • Reema says:

    Ahh u know Pirates of Carribean does show whats on other side. I feel there is another world and we could rip through the sky like jim carey does in The truman show. 🙂 If i controlled sun I would make days shorter and nights longer to get more sleeo.

  • vishesh says:


    @lena: true

    @sameera: lol,i don’t have it on picasa…i will post it some other time

    @pria: true…

    @arvind: lol 😉

    @the nut: 😀

    @joel: no props

    @nita: 😀

    @handmaiden: lol,turn off the sun…:D

    @leafless :

    @aaarti: a whole new day


    @kapil: lol,i live in chennai

    @jane:cool i want to cross to there whenver u do


    @sakhi: lol sometimes the surroundings just lend themselves…

    @raj: hhmm…interesting idea…might be it will soon do it
    and ture we don’t the ocean


    @reema: lol ya i loved the movie

  • Nice photograph…. The sun is one of the small stars there out in the universe. Its nothing when compared to the bigger stars…. That, there is life, in its galaxy does not make it special…. And ignorance is not enough reason to assume that there is no life in other galaxies. Even if I could control the sun I would not be able to make much of a difference in the inter-galactical universe…

    Destination Infinity.

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