A Thousand Splendid Suns

July 28, 2008 § 15 Comments

If he had killed one person,I Don’t know what i would have to him.If Kite Runner was emotional,this is emotional twice over.i was left in tears.If he hadn’t ended the book with hope and rebirth,i would have lost myself in the misery.

The story is about two women in Afghanistan.The pain,the fear and the suffering of these two women,is portrayed so intensely that i was left with a rage.How can anyone hurt others so badly?

Mariam is harami .She is married of to a man who is many years older than her.Later(two decades)the same man marries another girl Laila.The book talks about the atrocities Women had to face before and during the Taliban rule.Love is something which the book is filled with.Yet there is no love,in the way the men treat the women
.They have no right and if they were to go out of the house without a male,they were beaten up(this is the softest among the hardest).I wonder how much the author had to go through to write it.Pain brings out the best in people and Hosseini must have endured a lot.

The book is beautiful.The book is an insight,into how brutish man can be.I hope all those who read this book,realize that we have hurt ourselves more because of our own vicious stupidity.To conclude,read the book if you can handle pain.If not you might land with an heart attack.

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Update:-I found that he blogs too! Check it out Khaled Hosseini.


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