stop it!let there be peace…

July 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

What is the worth of human life?
what is the worth of human life?

Why what would you get by taking it away?
What would you get by not showing another day?
Why would you want to kill?
Why would you want to suppress people?
What will you get if you hurt others?
What will you get if you split lovers?
What will you get if you break a leg?
What will you get if you make others beg?
Why would anyone want to kill?
why would you want people to freeze still?

Is fear the right rule?
why kill others to satisfy your duel?

Why, is it fair to harm others,
is it right to spoil the creators?
What gain is worth so much blood?
what gain is worth, by raining down a hellish flood?

What bad did the people do?
What bad did the people do?
except being innocent and nothing to do with you.

Is fighting worth it?
Does chopping a couple of heads settle it?
whose life are they anyway?
for you to relish and throw away?
Whose life is it anyway?
for to weigh and say?
Why do you want to kill,
and send down panic shrill?

The world has many other ways,
haven’t battles been won with peaceful says?

Please we understand you have been hurt,
please understand that we all are also being hurt,

we are willing to help you,
for it is the same fire in us,which is in you.
We are willing to help you,
We will teach you,
that we humans are capable of love too.
So stop this,let us settle our dues,through
not  blood or pain,
for when life is lost it can’t come back again,

so let us understand each other,
let us notice what we did was not for the better.

this is not for me or for you-not for us,
but for your dear future.If you want them to love us,
and see as good predecessors,
let us not call ourselves bombers or killers,
but as lovers.Let us not hurt each other,
let us all call each other as brothers and sisters.

let us learn the language of love,
there is nothing below or above.
Let us all forget hypocrisy
let us relish that we are a part of humanity.
Let us celebrate the worth of life,

let us just for a change be nice.
So we will drop our guards
and you drop your weapons.
No one will kill ever again.
No one will ever kill again,
no this is not a dream,
this is the will of the ever lasting stream,
the stream,which beat down in ancient times,
the stream which stores all the rimes,
so to flow with the flow,
let us let go,
of violence,let us savor,
a new,profound understanding silence.

Live and let live,
but love and let others love.

the light shines the brightest.

This is my reaction to the recent serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmadabad and also the book “A Thousand Splendid Suns.”

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§ 12 Responses to stop it!let there be peace…

  • Sameera says:

    I was thinking to tell that these were my exact reactions to those blasts and lo! you said they were your thoughts about the same 🙂

    You read that book,cool!It’s really a good piece of work isn’t it?

  • Sakhi says:

    yeah.. i don’t understand either why people do what they do to hurt others and everything else that you have mentioned! 😦

    After Ahmedabd now its Surat’s turn… they have confiscated the live bombs from there! God only know, where all these is going to end! 😦

  • MeghnaK says:

    May Peace Prevail……I knw it’l take time but don loose hope ;0

  • I think one large factor in failing to resolve conflicts and promoting violence – speaking generally and around the world – is the refusal to talk to the enemy position that’s usually taken, for example, by the current and it feels endless US administration.

    Or, same difference, to play the game Bush plays where a precondition for talks is for the other guy to concede the main point of contention ahead of time. Of course the other guy doesn’t but Bush can claim he wants to hold talks.

  • Aneesh says:

    Well, said, chopping heads won’t settle anything, but what to do? All they care is revenge about something they think others did.
    You read that book, Did you read The kite runner?
    I liked it better than the thousand splendid suns, just give it a try 🙂

  • If only everyone believed in the policy of live and let live! 😐

  • lena says:

    such a pity that there are always people who dont understand the value of human’s life 😦

  • jane says:

    with the blasts on 2 consecutive days, and almost 50 people losing their lives, this one made me cry..
    i really shed those tears..

    why can’t they stop?? 😦

    i guess understanding n forgiving is something that’s gone way beyond us.. is there a way to stop, is there a way to reach out.. is there a way to stop teh maniacy??

    the way ya’ve written it, i lovedddd it.. it really evokes heartfelt empathy..
    i only wish people could actually adhere to it…

  • solitaire says:

    How I wish everyone thought the same!

  • vishesh says:

    @sameera: was a really nice book 🙂

    @sakhi: what are we humans coming to,i don’t know….

    @meghna: you too don’t lose hope 🙂

    @paul: i agree with you….we need to put our selves in the other’s shoes…but then how even we are able to understand how can we tell them we understand them?

    @aneesh:I finsihed reading that book too…yes man do u think we can stop it?

    @raj: 🙂

    @lena: true…

    @jane:it is seriously bad isn’t it…yes understanding is something missing….

    @sol: me too….

  • Aneesh says:

    No, idea 😦

  • arvind says:

    good post from a human hater..
    are u changing or trying to change humans /. 😛

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