If….will be

July 26, 2008 § 6 Comments

If night weren’t night,what will it be?
if day wasn’t day what will it be?
If hours weren’t hours,what will they be?
if minutes weren’t minutes what will they be?
If you weren’t you ,what will you be?
if they weren’t they what will they be?
If i wasn’t me,what will i be?
If earth,wasn’t earth what will it be?
If life wasn’t life what will it be?
If death wasn’t death what will it be?
If everything is nothing,what will it be?
So what if,everything wasn’t meant to be?
So what if everything is ’cause of destiny?
So what if we hate everyone?
So what if we love everyone?
So what if ,so what if,
you find everything gone one fine day?
so what if,so what if,
you find yourself on the top,one fine day?
So what if…
so what if…
So what if…
well everything is…


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§ 6 Responses to If….will be

  • solitaire says:

    Exactly!? Any point asking hypothetical questions? What is, is. Cannot help it.

  • Sameera says:

    So many questions and the answers so evading.These are meant to be so.And we have to take it all in our stride.

  • Aneesh says:

    Lot of Questions?
    IF blog wasn’t blog, what will it be?
    if you weren’t you what will you be?

  • vishesh says:

    @sol: hmm…there is a point in it…someday we might be able to answer them…

    @sameera: hmm…yes…but asking them might throw some clarity upon them?

    @aneesh: if i weren’t me…i will be whatever i was meant to be…

  • Aaarti says:

    Interesting…. these are questions i ask myself at times, but know wat.. dont think there are any answers…. guess the BiG MAN up there has some plans, except we dont know em yet!! πŸ™‚

  • Manoj says:

    mmm..philosophical questions! Someoe who finds answers to all these questions will definitely attain salvation πŸ™‚ How have you been so philosophical?

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