Jaane tu…ya jane na

July 25, 2008 § 17 Comments

the senseless stuff!(well maybe that half an hour or so a jumping board for the end)And slowly as we moved to the end,OMG! i had to double check if i was watching a hindi movie or tamil movie!What the hell,seriously? It was so boring in the middle segment,that if not for the little twinkle of hope left in me ,that it would be better,i would have ran away! And well the ending,would seriously require a Rats wah!wah! or rather a meow,meow song! seriously!God my friends are way better at telling these long,incredibly ‘blade’ jokes! Ok i feel to the floor laughing,because all other reactions/emotions died,seriously they were buried by the sheer stupidity!

I know this contradictory to what many others have said.But then seriously the movie would have left a better impression if the emotions in th middle were avoided ,i mean it was supposed to be a funny movie,they could have used it through out the movie or at least they should have made it a little less serious in the movie.

the songs are really really nice.ARR’s beats ,well you that they are the best right now.The lyrics are important for any song and the lyricist Abbas Tyrewalla has done a good job.

Anyway i would give this one 6/10 or maybe even 5.i have seen a lot of better movies than this,surely,but it did make me laugh a bit.

Anyway here is a song from the movie…


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