w(e)ave a tale

July 20, 2008 § 11 Comments

Below are 7 photos.You can write on one ,all or how many ever photos you want.if you choose to use more than one photo,there should be a connection between them…happy w(e)aving….








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§ 11 Responses to w(e)ave a tale

  • 1) If we look at the horizon, the sky seems to meet the sea. But does it really meet the sea? Of course, it does not! Our eyes are fooling us! What we see is the reality which is false! What we cannot see is the Truth! The Truth never lies! The Truth cannot lie! Truth alone triumphs!!!

  • Sameera says:

    What a coincidence!I have a series of pics saved in my drafts,for posting in a similar manner whenever I run short of words 🙂

    Weaving all of them together…

    Just when the sea of life is all calm and blissful,the waves of fate churn,threatening to unsettle it all.These waves take away so much,leaving behind a blank void.In all despair I am about to give in,when once more the sky bursts open,showering hope and faith,and along with them,a millions of reasons to live.

  • Keshi says:

    u know how much I love the sea. These pics r so beautiful..so fresh.

    I pick #1.

    Even the ocean SEEMS to meet the sky at one point. We WILL be happy as only as how we FEEL.


  • Sakhi says:

    writer’s block.. no, commenters block! 🙂

  • handmaiden says:

    Where are all the people? There are no people in any of these photos???? The world is full of people but they are not here.

  • solitaire says:

    Its strange how something as roaring as the ocean can make us feel so calm. I like all of them!

  • vishesh says:

    @raj: aye!aye!aye!

    @sameera: lol,that was nice 🙂 oh! i don’t have ’em saved or anything…lol,i just open picasa and try linking up the pics,if i can then i post it here 🙂

    @keshi: 😀

    @sakhi: ??

    @handmaiden: lol,i don’t shoot ppl 😉

    @sol: very true… 😀

  • arvind says:

    it shows that like waves what ever comes to us is temprory…nothing is permenant in life ..infact we know that we are temprory visitor to earth 🙂

    marina beach ?

  • Aneesh says:

    You started with sky, then to ocean and then to sand and again to sky
    is it like a clear Ocean with tides coming and going?

  • Manoj says:

    1) My heart, to this world, may look like serene waters and an open sky.
    2) But who knows the turbulence it faces quite often?
    3) I try to reach you like a wave that tries to reach the land.
    4) But Alas! How can a wave, forever, reach the land!
    5) The horizon of reality always pulls me back from you……
    6) leaving behind a heart as heavy as the wet sand that a wave leaves behind!
    7) I only hope that the clouds would one day blur the horizon of reality and bring me unto you! 😀

  • pria says:

    Tides come and go leaving a message to remove the dirt and be clean and to stop polluting. Thaz why it washes and bring back the dirt ashore for the humans to clean only if they do.

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