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so :

for hate hate,
for love love.
For humanity’s love
my love.
For humanity’s hate
my hate.

Now nothing is ever 2,everything is 3.So the absolute form is (hate+love)-1=0. Now zero by anything =0. So -1 =0,or since there is no need for the -, 1=0.I.e. you are everything and you are nothing.Now 1/0 should be equal to 1,but as we know 1/0=infinity,so which means 1= infinity.

For all you love ,you hate it too.
For all you hate,you love it too.
The only absolute is one.
Which is nothing but you,
which is nothing but everything.
Everything leads to infinity.
Your life is one among infinite lives,
you are the one which is the infinity.
You are nothing but everything.
You are to understand yourself.
You are to understand everything else.
So when everything falls into an ocean,
the universe is the product of your own devotion.
So pray all you want,
swear all you want,
the world shall be ye,
and ye shall be the world.
you are the god,
the god is you.
Everything else is an illusion,
everything else is an illusion.
The universe sings one song,
there is no right or wrong.
Love,is love and you.
hate,is hate and you.
When you are you,
and made of two,
(together three)
you are the absolute tool,
and you are the truth.
You are the truth.

Truth is not the end,
but means to an end.

the light shines the brightest


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§ 13 Responses to love+hate=1

  • kadambari says:

    My god!! That’s a lot of thinking!!…do u plan 2 become a philosopher?…..
    Nevertheless, Lovely poem!!!

  • aaroo4 says:

    Whatcha been doing sitting at home??? too much thinking~~~

    but i must say, this is awesome…. made too much sense~

  • Hasit says:

    hey vishesh… adding your blog to my blogroll. hope to see the same action from your side.


  • Nikhil says:

    Ok, mr.philosopher! You’ve made your point! Oh god.. Remind me never to get into a philosophical argument with u…
    But, thanks for doing all this research and trying to make me understand.. I think i get what you’re tying to say…
    Good job! 😀

  • Prarthana says:

    With a lot of help from Mr. Bell!
    There you go, Mr. philosophical _______________
    (Fill in wahtever you like!! :P)

    Nice poem to complement a well thought over idea!!


  • // you are the absolute tool,
    and you are the truth

    everything else is an illusion //

    Very true! Truth is the means to get rid of illusions(reality)!

  • sakhi says:




    so :

    for hate hate,
    for love love.
    For humanity’s love
    my love.
    For humanity’s hate
    my hate.*

    Too confusing man! why make love so confusing! Love is to enjoy… so do exactly that! 🙂 🙂

  • Joel says:

    LOL…that was nicely done. And what are you planning to become a philosopher… 😉 Everybody’s curious… 😛

  • Ha, finally caught up to you, you oblique commentator to the blogs of others. (“Love/hate…”)

    Personally, I decided not to do what I think of as metaphysics or large, overarching beliefs about life or the universe that present themselves as, hmm… factual in some sense. Objective-like.

    For me, it led me into too many directions that felt less authentic than when I stuck to discussing the experience of my life and the direct experience of its relationship to my larger contexts.

    That said, there are people who sometimes do this – for example, Vishesh – whose metaphysics I suspect are rooted in the direct experiences I’ve written about. And so that kind of metaphysic is congenial to me even if I prefer to hang my hat on the peg of direct experience because for myself, whenever I’d try to hang it on a metaphysical peg, I’d notice it would end up on the floor again.

    I don’t know how intelligible this can be without – ha! – buying the book… Just remember, as far as I can tell so far, its simply a matter of persuading a relative to immigrate to the states in order to purchase it and mail it back to you in India…

  • Hey, how did that smiley face get on the end of my first paragraph?

    I was smiling, but computers aren’t that smart…

  • vishesh says:

    @paul:hmm…i think i have a couple of the, there,will ask ’em 🙂 and ya comps arent smart we are smarter 😉

  • i’ve heard of a forced smile but this is ridiculous.

    you mean you’re forcing us to smile?? a smile randomizer is it?

    btw your last comment to my blog makes me go
    “huh? what??”

    should i put that?


    FROWN: very large, formidable, intimidating, and yet curiously insincere…

  • shiva says:

    As you know, there has been multitudes of theories relating science and metaphysics. Sometimes, I feel all this research, like evrything is futile. But then, our curiosity never dies. A good attempt though

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