About Democracy,hypocrisy and unity

July 4, 2008 § 10 Comments

I am feeling damn irritated right now.Well might be the fact that my hits are down today,well know i was pissed off even before that,so what is it?Was it the fact that i paid Rs.70 for the 5-6 kms journey from school to home? Or is it because i am seeing a lot of hypocrisy around me?I think that must be it.

So people this is about democracy now.What is democracy?

According to me it is the biggest hypocrisy.Why where do i find people choosing what they want? Why the ‘society’ seems to have its own way.The majority is right,seems to be notion.Democracy is where you can smoke under a no smoking board.democratic nation is one which,people are divided into clusters and galaxies and constellations and lose all sense of nation pride.I have written a few poems on India.Why infact the poem which set me into serious writing was on India.Yet for all i love my country and its heritage,the hypocrisy which i live in between seriously make me wonder is this what we all deserve.Why ,is one religion superior to another? Now when i say religion in India,it means so many things.We have the cine gods,we have the sports idols and we have the political czars.Each one has their own cult.Now that is not a problem,we have influential people right.But the problem is what they do.The word “Secular” in our preamble,comes to my mind.I don’t need to say more.Then we have the problem of corruption.Ha,well now all of us have gone through this isn’t it? Then we have the problem of sharing among states.Then we have the problem of terrorism.then we have the problem of child abuse,then gender inequality,then well if i were to write it would be an endless list but
The problem lies in the fact that,people cannot appreciate their own identity.Now why would i care,about my nation when my window is so small that i only see myself and the cynical world around me? We can write books upon books,article upon article on the pride of our ancient nation,but do the lovely writers of these wonderful books,even know that people who can afford to read these books are very few? Why the masses are a political tool,if you really have faith in what you say,get out and hold the mike and spread the message.You the great economists and artists and writers and what not what else should know that the only way to get people together is by weaving the magic of words.Why you all even go as far to write about Gandhiji ,didn’t he speak ? Didn’t he come out? Why isn’t the pulpit the best place for spreading the message? until you do that,all you have written will be garbage.Your articles/books gets its worth only when you act and when you show.If you all think that we need to spread the message of unity,then get out there and spread the message of unity.The anti-socials have already done it.They infest and harvest young minds faster than our agriculture sector is growing.Soon they might take over us and we will become the anti-social.So get out and get going.

To conclude :

My nation,
is full of fascination.
Yet it needs a little bit of emancipation.
For this we need life to be elevated,
view to be appreciated.
inequality eliminated
and freedom harvested,
faster then we get polluted.
For unity to be forged,
we need to adore,
each other and what ever is our abode,
we need to invent our approach.
For understanding to be reached,
things shouldn’t be preached,
but put to everyone’s reach.
For the sake of our nation,
let us be in unison.
unity will be our strength,
we will not depend,
and we will not bend,
India a nation of a billion.


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§ 10 Responses to About Democracy,hypocrisy and unity

  • Xylene says:

    Democracy is indeed a great thing. But its been misused. Laws that we have is great. its seldom enforced.
    Ethics is what we lack in.
    A country can progress only if the people are ethical.

  • arvind says:

    good post…
    people are too self centered even states.
    they dont want to share water (like states like karnataka ), they dont want to share living (maharashtra) ..
    with so many dsiparities in a big country like india democracy would be obviously misused..

  • // The majority is right, seems to be the notion. //

    That is the greatest drawback of democracy, its greatest shame! Democracy in several countries has evolved considerably to safeguard the rights of the minority, but not in India. We are still stuck with a very crude version of democracy. We should either learn from the Swiss (their version of democracy is the most evolved in the world – it is a true participative democracy that safeguards the rights of everyone) or we should devolve power in steps to the grassroots to make it participative.

    // inequality eliminated
    and freedom harvested //

    Brilliantly said!

    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake!

  • I agree with what I see as your basic point: it’s about taking action to uplift the larger world or it’s about nothing much, whether it’s a book or a life.

    That said, the exact form that such action can take in a person’s life depends on their talents and personal/historical context. Not everyone, for example, is in a position to deliver a great talk or speech or necessarily even has that ability.

    To me, the important thing is to use the talents one happens to have to the max – and that can lead to a lot of different sorts of vocations. There’s no shortage of good work needing to be done and there’s a great variety of it – from, say, creating art or literature that helps shape the souls of the relatively empowered, affecting how they behave, to working directly with the poor or the sick.

    Is a large percent of your traffic from the US? A holiday here, and a week where many people take their vacations – might be why your traffic’s down. It’s down on my blog too.

  • Nita says:

    Nicely written Vishesh. But I still see something good in our democracy. It’s got a lot of faults, but if there is one thing I am proud of about our country – it’s our democracy. To some extent I agree with Xylene. We need to teach moral values to our citizens. Speaking the truth for one thing. And that stealing from one’s country (corruption) is akin to treason.
    There is little guilt in our country amongst politicians who steal. They seem to think it’s their birthright.

  • MeghnaK says:

    Vishesh bro,
    ur thgts are so unique and really touching….even thgh I haven’t really thgt of this….I thnk I agree with u now!!!

    My nation,
    is full of fascination.
    Yet it needs a little bit of emancipation.
    For this we need life to be elevated,
    view to be appreciated.
    inequality eliminated
    and freedom harvested,
    faster then we get polluted.

  • Nita says:

    Vishesh, in your post you mentioned that if hits are low it affects you or can affect you. Hey, that never reflects on you. I am being presumptious here by offering advice (I know how unasked for advise can sound!) but I cannot help saying that. Hits have nothing to do with anything except a sustained work at one’s blog for a longish time and writing original stuff. You write original stuff alright but you cannot have that much time as you are a student. So it’s best not to be affected.
    And I got hardly any hits for a year or so after my blog started despite writing original stuff and working very very hard at it. When I would get sometimes only 50 hits a day, I would tell myself that who am I anyway, why should anyone come and read my blog? There are thousands of great writers out there, why should anyone come to a blog of a person who is a small time journalist?
    I am the kind of person who does not have an ego (to me ego itself is a negative word) because I feel ego and pride are two different thngs. When one gets less hits one’s ego is hurt, because one feels, hey why am I not getting the hits I deserve?? Now, pride is something else and one should hang on to it. One’s pride is what stops one from lying, cheating,and you take our politicians, they have ego, but no pride. One can keep one’s ego in control (it’s lurking deep within us) by simply looking at oneself in a hard light. Knowing who we are and not being crushed by it is the key. I don’t think I am any less of a person than Bill Gates for example because I evaluate people on their hearts and morals, not money or success.
    You have a good heart Vishesh, keep blogging!
    And sorry for that long comment!

  • vishesh says:

    @xylene: true…thats why i said our constitution is an epic 🙂

    @arvind: thanks 🙂

    @raj: that was well said too(the last line) 🙂 true,we need to evolve our country, but who can? Why just to do something small,ppl don’t have guts…let alone…

    @paul: true,we all have our own talents…but if you can’t speak then you should have someone do it for you.IF you can’t write,tell someone what you feel and tell them to write but acknowledge it as theirs…the problem paul is no one is ready to see the solutions…ha,so thats why ,i forgot that it was a holiday there 🙂

    @nita: lol, i found out why my hits were down( see pauls comment) 🙂 as i had mentioned in my 10000 hits post,my old blogs hits haven’t reached that mark yet( 2 years) 🙂 I am not all that bothered,because end of the day,I like to write…the reason why i included that there was to try and relate to the bloggers 🙂 But there are sometimes when i write something really nice and no one reads it,i feel bad…but then those are experiences 🙂 and on your first comment, yes we need to teach but our country is facing a shortage of teachers….

    @meghna: 🙂

  • Jeevan says:

    “For the sake of our nation,
    let us be in unison.
    unity will be our strength,
    we will not depend,
    and we will not bend.”

    u build strong nation in words. well done!

  • shiva says:

    Democracy when run by a bunch of jokers every five years is always a hypocrisy.

    Good one Vishesh

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