Door mats and handkerchiefs who serve humanity

June 30, 2008 § 14 Comments

Do we really need to care? What is the use of caring for others anyway? I mean what do i gain? All i ever get by belonging to society is security.For if i didn’t give a damn to things around me,my existence will not be noticed,even if it is,i will be a door mat for people to leave the dirt on.Not that caring gives you anything better,it only makes people see you as a handkerchief rather a door mat.

So what are you a door mat or a handkerchief?

If you are a door mat,you live life in a ‘why should i care?’ delirium always freaking out and just snubbing people and not giving a thought to the fact that the pathetic creature which is facing you has something called “sense” and that you might be hurting it.Now i cannot call these really door mats,for they are made of expensive things,but they still are door mats.All people do at the sight of these is smile,smile and smile,for they cannot do anything else.For they can’t afford to do anything else,they can’t buy them and walk on them and trash them.Their real door mat identity takes the dirt only when they leave.You see once the brand name goes,there is no difference between a Tommy and a road side Tee.People will swear and tear these door mats,even if they don’t feel it then and there.They will feel the rag and rubbish they have taken,someday when they have their faces against the society,stripped and raw and ready to get rubbished.We have another variety of door mats,the not so lucky door mats.These door mats get away with a few things.They all don’t care alright,but then they aren’t all that expensive.So while a few might admire them and their ‘cool’ attitude,dirty shoes are soon bound to stamp them and flatten them.

Then you have the absolute door mats.These require a little more space.Some washing and drying out in the sun will do them good.They have taken the society’s rubbish.In fact for generations they have been taking rubbish.They aren’t door mats because they chose to be,but because the society made them to be.They are door mats because rubbish gives them life,it gives them food.Who has time to care about others when you don’t have food? Not that i have faced this,but then ,even if i skip as meal (a meal and meal only), i become extremely frustrated and cranky. Now to think they have been hungry for generations,naturally they are not going to care.Why what is electricity to them and what are planes to them? These door mats are not happy at being door mats,but then who can help them? For after all they don’t care,neither for the world nor for themselves.We already have enough door mats don’t we?

Then the handkerchiefs.Ha,so you are one? Now while the door mats just take the dirt,handkerchiefs take a heavier load.They take the mucus,the sweat,the tears,the emotions ,the dirt etc.These things get washed more regularily that is the only difference.They get a larger variety of rubbish from within and outside a person.Why all they decided was that to be more kind and empathize , sympathize , care and love.Now surely they deserve better? But no ,all they get are loads and loads and loads of unwanted things.They are supposed to solve all problems.School students make them into soft balls for playing,people sneeze ,people cough,people sweat and a few just carry them around.these things fill into any shoe.For they are scared they will become door mats.They are happy that they live in the pockets and hands of humanity rather than the foot.They are at a higher level,that is all.They suffer for they care.

So if you are either a door mat or a handkerchief you suffer,for the dirt of humanity.Humans sure do pollute a lot.Both door mats and kerchiefs serve their purpose.Now if ever we are going to make humans pollute less,then the door mats and kerchiefs better stop talking their load of dirt.If they do,humans will have to clean up on their own.Who knows,being a lazy race,they might stop being so dirty and see that dirt is not needed.After all they do believe in ‘perfection’ and dirt never reflects cleanliness and perfection does it? Now when you do stop working all you door mats and kerchiefs what will you do?After all you need to engage yourselves into something right? I have an idea,try maintaining your perfection,make your homes more clean and green and well for your food,now that you don’t need to take dirt,take food-fresh,clean and cooked by mother nature.


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§ 14 Responses to Door mats and handkerchiefs who serve humanity

  • Nita says:

    Very creative and imaginative Vishesh. It is so metaphorical that it’s brilliant!!1
    I would like to know what you think of scarves.

  • arvind says:

    whoa!!! quite an interesting post..
    u are on a roll..back to back serious posts..
    good going..
    would we ever try to change 😦 ??

  • Nikhil says:

    Hmmm…. You are really a strange man… doormats and handkerchiefs, eh? I would say i am an unpressed, striped shirt… 😀

  • Keshi says:

    Im a curtain…behind me lies the truth.


  • Sakhi says:

    @ Vish

    What an imaginative thought.. kerchief or doormat,… wow!

    Hmmmmm… what can i be? too much of a serious thought … will think later 🙂

    @ Niks

    Unpressed strip shirt, man, why dont you get ironed out! 😛

    @ Keshi

    That a cool reply… *Im a curtain…behind me lies the truth.*

  • jane says:

    doormats n handkerchiefs 🙂 man ya like a guy who could see logic n magic in the most mundane of things..!!! ya reallly rock! ya sense of lookin at things is gureeeet 🙂

  • Aaarti says:

    Whoa Man, that was one hellova post~~~ its wonderful the way u’ve connected them with us humans…

    seriously…. i mean, reading this makes me look at these things witih a whole new perspective….

  • Sameera says:

    Wow what a thought!Pity many people are so selfless in this world,and let others take advantage of them so easily.

    You are way too wise for your age boy! 🙂

  • vishesh says:

    @nita: hmm…scarves,reminds me of those actors..anyway scarves i will save them…i need to like something

    @arvind: hmm….so many people ask me that q i like the way i am it will be of no use if i change

    @nikhil: striped and unpressed…hmm….a jailed yahoo( no offense meant) ? as for shirt i told you

    @keshi: wow! So you protect the truth that was a nice one that is truly self less,but then will you open for people who want to see truth?

    @sakhi: lol

    @jane: lol,it just like that comes newton say apples

    @aaarti: he he he 😀

    @sameera: lol,true what you say

  • Rekha says:

    //They take the mucus,the sweat,the tears,the emotions ,the dirt etc.//
    yeah dats really a great thought , i had never thought of it!
    they share my emotion when i cry ,when i smile 😀 when i sleep to hide the face n when it rains!

  • Excellent post, Vishesh! I am not sure what kind of cloth I am 😐 I guess I morph from one form to a different one and then to a different one and so on. I may find out my true nature only after I am laid to rest 😐

  • pria says:

    Thaz an awesome creative post from u V. Ppl’ wont throw away a doormat so soon unless it gets bad, but a kerchief hmm u can lose it or ppl just forget it.

  • Jeevan says:

    You well did the connectivity often we use in daily life. I see those are made for that purpose alone, and as u told we can make less the dirt trying to be perfect.

    People smile to welcome only the dirt are left on door mat, if not who will like their home to spread the dirt from foot.

  • vishesh says:

    @rekha: 🙂

    @raj: lol,when will you rest?

    @pria: i forgot that! lol 🙂 but then they are used by others too na 🙂

    @jeevan: 😀

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