Life is a…

June 23, 2008 § 3 Comments

“Life is a candle . . . light it!

Life is a game . . . play it!

Life is a challenge . . . accept it!

Life is a lock . . . open it!

Life is a puzzle . . . solve it!

Life is a book . . . read it!

Life is a quest to seek the Truth . . . live it! ”

Is what Raj said on my post Questionable life.
ops and Handmaiden added that

” Life is being human…revel in it! ”

What i want to know :-

If life being all that was said,
then where is a place for the dead?
throughout our life we are fed,
and towards infinity led,
yet what makes life? what makes
it clear? What form of it is ,
purer that water?what form of it
is more clearer than love?
What is life,when everything else
is an illusion?

To light a candle we need fire. ?
to play a game we need to know the rules. ?
To solve a puzzle,we need to see it. ?
To read a book we need to know how to read it. ?
To live life which seeks the truth we need to know life. ?
And to revel in humanity,we need to be human. ?


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§ 3 Responses to Life is a…

  • Ananya says:

    I have only two wordz to say m- Speech less, Spellbound.

    M impressed by ur thinking. 🙂

  • leafless says:

    Life is a little black box….open it.

  • Good questions – unless we ask questions, we will never find answers!

    There is a place for the dead, ofcourse. A candle that has burned out, enlightening the lives of others is much better than a new candle that is stored in a shelf unused. An entertaining game that is over is much better than players waiting for the game to start. A challenge that is taken up is much better than a challenge that is avoided. A lock that has been opened is much better than waiting outside a locked door. A solved puzzle is much better than the jumbled pieces of a jigsaw. A book that has been read is much better because we gain knowledge only after reading it. And unless we live life as a quest to seek the Truth, the Truth will elude us. We will be stuck with an illusion – the reality.

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