questionable life

June 21, 2008 § 13 Comments

Life itself is questionable,
why live?
Everything in life is questionable,
why live?
It is no more about purposes,
but about one purpose.
I cannot accept it,
as an absolute illusion,
though everything is an illusion.
I do not care,
what happens,but i don’t know
why i should live.
I don’t know what is freedom,
even though people say
i have it.I don’t know what
holds me together,
though i can feel it.
My mind is clogged by mist,
i just wish,
that it will clear,
before i risk.

Everything around me is questionable,
including me.I don’t know what it is,
that makes life be life.
I have a wish to know everything,
yet i don’t want to live,
for it is just what i want to do.
Clarity-when can it come back to me?
i feel like paper,in a torrential rain.
i have many,i have many,
everything is questionable,
yet i am not able to know,
to know, all the answers.
I don’t want to live.

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§ 13 Responses to questionable life

  • Jeevan says:

    Yes u has freedom, to express your self here.
    Questionable life, in every step day to day we get answers for something we seek.

  • arvind says:

    cool poem abt life..
    life is so complicated.. 😦

  • handmaiden says:

    IMO, the most important thing that makes life be life is keeping hope alive.
    All the religions promise it.
    Hope is the carrot on a string dangling before our noses, it keeps us going, we follow it where it goes, hope is our future. Not only our individual future, but the future of all humankind. It is a very bad thing to lose hope.

    When I said this in your last comment section:
    “Never lose yourself in your quest for love. I think the most important part of being human is loving our own selves. Only we understand what it means to be human in our own skin.”
    This is what I had to find out for myself after I left Christianity & the hope that is inherent in religious concepts, [i.e. hope in God]. When I decided that I would live as if there was no God & I only had this one life, I had to ask myself what is the meaning of life? Where is hope?

    The answer is:
    Hope is in ourselves. It is in being human. Our successes & our failures are ours alone. That makes it a great responsibility to be human but it is also a great accomplishment. We have the history of humankind behind us & the future of humankind before us.
    Look what human beings accomplish every day. It is amazing! We are all a part of it. We are all shaped by the past & we will all affect the future by virtue of being a human being. I never celebrated being human when I was a Christian.I was always told I was nothing & God was everything. I was told I needed to be saved from my humanity. I was told not to trust man but to trust God. When I left all of that behind, only then could I embrace & learn to love my all too human self.

    I hope this doesn’t sound silly or confuse you even more. But when someone says they don’t want to live even if it’s in a poem, it warrants an answer.

  • vishesh says:

    @jeevan: 🙂

    @arvind: 🙂

    @handmaiden:lol 🙂 i accept we huamns do a lot 🙂 but then sometimes i hate humans 🙂 it is very important to believe in ourselves i accept,but then sometimes,we loose hope…it is well another phrase 😀

  • Sameera says:

    Why ever do you not wanna live?Life is of course a challenging mystery,but that does not mean we give up on it.Keep the faith! 🙂

  • Rambler says:

    was just trying to read the same with the different perspective..

    everything in life is questionable..
    but you are the one seeking the answers..
    so there is no right or wrong.
    its like an experiment where we write down the observations..both good and bad.

  • Rekha says:

    //I don’t know what it is,
    that makes life be life.// ….well its divine power that make life a life 😀
    questioning is a very good habit….something in the genes of genius 😀
    i always think this why do we live actually …its really a question ..that remains answer less for most of us 😀

    live it love it n make it ur life 🙂

  • Nita says:

    I want to say….if you had all the answers, would life be fun? No, I don’t think so. Life is beautiful because of the questions. Life is a mystery, an enigma and that is what makes it beautiful

  • vishesh says:

    @sameera: 🙂 it is a way my mind made me think…i just played along with it 🙂

    @rambler: very true 🙂

    @rekha: 🙂

    @nita: lol of course it won’t be fun…i was trying to black mail life in a way 😉

  • Life is a candle . . . light it!

    Life is a game . . . play it!

    Life is a challenge . . . accept it!

    Life is a lock . . . open it!

    Life is a puzzle . . . solve it!

    Life is a book . . . read it!

    Life is a quest to seek the Truth . . . live it!

  • handmaiden says:

    Life is being human…revel in it!

  • gilson says:

    I feel that way quite often. But being death so certain, we might as well try to make good use of this short time on earth, it might just surprise us.

  • pieceofpie says:

    enjoyable post… it is in the questioning that i sometimes get lost in the purpose..

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