till i destroyed what i loved- a ballad

June 4, 2008 § 8 Comments

“oh! friend”,i heard a cry,
and i turned back.
there she was my long
lost girl.i was now a “friend”.
years had gone by,
time had just flown by.
yet it seems like yesterday,
that we went hand in hand,
swam through the oceans,
with our life in each others hands.
we knew the world looked,
we knew the world wondered,
how these two were lovers.
Yet we were perfect,
in every way we could be.

till i destroyed what i loved.
All i did was a mistake,
i gambled and lost to fate.
I asked her hand in marriage,
and circumstances blew it apart.
I tore myself till i was raw,
i never forgave myself for being
wrong.I felt i had lost my life,
i left i never needed a wife,
that life was a mistake in
its own right.It took me years
to realize,that i deserved better
and that past was past.

slowly brick by brick,
i broke and saw day light,
it was the best sunshine.
I wept,i had at last seen light.
I knew now nothing was a fight,
all you needed to do was walk
straight.There i found a comfort,
i fell in love,shallow love
and at times still wept with the
sands which surfaced from the
depths.I acted like i found peace,
i made money with avarice greed.
I built a different wall,
i acted like a civilized money.
yet within me something went rot,
i no more could laugh with
the same fearless wrath.

there she was in front of me,
oh! she has come to set me free.
I knew that time will stick us again,
i will find love,though it will be strange,
i will remove the strings across my heart,
the dead being will see life,
not one but many,
for i have learnt a lesson,
and for that let everything be blessed.
i now know that time has a way,
once it does say,
never try to break;
a lesson learnt ironically in time,
yet all that ends well is fine.
I saw straight into her eye,
both she and me started to cry.
I knew she too had died,
both of us saw life.
i stretched my arm
and so did she,
both of us set each other free.
we died on the shore,
now we live there.


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§ 8 Responses to till i destroyed what i loved- a ballad

  • Aaarti says:

    hmmm.. interesting play of emotions n words…

    man, how do u write such long poems?? i cant go beyond 10 -14lines…. 🙂

    keep writing~~~
    coming for the bloggers meet this sunday????

  • Aaarti says:

    Scheduled for 08/06/2008 at 16:00
    City: Chennai

    And..last but most definitely not the least comes the Chennai blogger meet. Its the first time where bloggers from down south will be able to meet, interact, chat, talk, and best of all, blog about it the next day! So for those of you who’ve been waiting for it, nows your chance to sign up. The date fixed is Sunday, June 8th 2008, so please keep yourselves free and drag along anyone else who’s interested in coming!! See you there!
    You may call the IndiBlogger team at +91-44-45018949 for more information.

    Hotel Dee Cee Manor
    No.90, GN Chetty Road
    T Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

  • vishesh says:

    @aaarti: it comes just like that…will see if i can come..

  • handmaiden says:

    But she called you “friend” That’s something, isn’t it? You are young, be happy that an old lover called you friend.

  • vishesh says:

    @handmaiden: that was fiction 🙂

  • Keshi says:

    Vish r ya just 15 or 51? LOL! cos u write with so much wisdom!


  • Jeevan says:

    A strange story set with poem, beautiful beginning and emotional end.

  • Sameera says:

    Oh that was sad!

    Sometimes it is just too late…

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