an infinte quest

May 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

an infinite energy is moving,
the sun is slowly drifting
across earth,east to west,
as we go west to east.
what moves is an illusion,
what breaks is an illusion,
what truth lies between?

In the journey,which
lasts all eternity,
there is no lack of vivacity,
the energies we feel
are eternal,
we are the universe,
yet who is the universe?

lost in a sea of infinity,
lost in the ocean of infinity,
is this what life is?
where is the sound of reality?
the only sign of mortality,
is the pain,which shows
that as time goes by,
i am alive,embedded in one,
a part of one yet which
is divided by a zero.
silence of infinity.

in the qualms of life,
we search for a single
rhapsody,one which
started somewhere
near the end,
near the beginning,
near the origin.

when will the quest end?
where will the quest end?
what is that which will end?
if an eternal being has to die,
how hard should be the cry?
all am left is a big why,
something which i seek till i die.


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§ 8 Responses to an infinte quest

  • anujjha says:

    well hi… im a new reader to ur blog
    ur post is quite touching and the way of ur treating
    life is also commendable

    different aspects of life u discussed made me write
    comment for u cause ur this poetry is what is my taste….

    have u suffered ? Or there is something u r tired of….
    cause same is case of mine…..

    Im goin through ur rest blog….


  • enreal says:

    I have always been captured by infinity. The quest is my journey to face… your words are beautiful… this piece spoke to me. Thank You

  • pria says:

    When u quench will the quest end?

  • jane says:

    friggin awesum..
    the lines speak in tongues of their own!
    “I am alive,embedded in one,
    a part of one yet which
    is divided by a zero.
    silence of infinity”
    simply superb- we all tend to infinity inspit of being a fraction 🙂
    related to thi, n waiting for more 🙂

  • Nice poem! I guess we are the tiny drops that make up the ocean.

  • Keshi says:

    we r hungry beings…the quest never ends until we end.


  • vishesh says:

    @anujjha: a prism causes a spectrum 🙂

    @enreal: 🙂

    @pria: the quest ends always into its origin 🙂

    @jane: lol 🙂 true i think the x is present only in the denominator 🙂 so x tends to 0 🙂 guess thats the bottom line 🙂

    @raj: true 🙂

    @keshi: 🙂

  • Jeevan says:

    Quest keeps on exist, till wishes stops flowing.

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