May 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

Barath has tagged me.i am supposed to write what i will do if i get 9 minutes of absolute freedom.and 9 minutes of freedom beings now:-

1) wonder what life is.

2)wonder what freedom is.

3)wonder what am i doing here?

4)search for something interesting.

5)think about the various people i love/hate.

6)think what i did till now.

7)think about what i should do.

8) just sit and listen to “freedom”.

9)conclude that even though i am free,i have responsibility,without which life will be uneaten food,spolit and with a renewed energy get into guys.

and i have more than 9 minutes of freedom.HOW long my friends is it going to take us to throw everything?we are all in full control of our lives,but understand we need to live for something,as i said in a poem “the sea

“Freedom freedom calls everyone
What can that be?
Can you mighty one answer me?
Mystifying it maybe but
Life not a mystery where will I be?
A melancholy moan of a toad?
Or is the nightingale a buzzing bee?
Weird they seem to me.”

anyone is welcome to pick up this tag.All of you have the freedom 🙂


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