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May 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

these are some of the responses i had for the last post:-

this one is by jeevan:-

Life is ones, to live up to its size

Pain downs everything and relief comes though our dears

Joy comes when a lot of people join for fun and whichever make us forget to be enjoying the moment.

Happiness sails often with us whenever there is something gives pleasure.

Suffering when there is so much stress and aches, both mentally and physically.

Love is priceless and nothing values before love.

Friend is someone introduced as stranger and strengthens our life building stronger.

Earth is a place we get to live and as a human being we try to control it and create troubles.

Death is ones, the path which ends… but anyone can walk on the path, except us.

this one is by vanessa:-

A chronology, from beginning to end, with all essential aspects in between……..

by handmaiden:-

mother earth & good clean soil.& gardening.

and by infidel:-

Life — existence, to be enjoyed and extended

Pain — the day will come when I will defeat it

Joy — a certain person, no more will be said here

Happiness — what I expect the future will bring

Suffering — a torment without value or meaning, to be avoided when one can, endured when one must

Love — mercurial, indefinable, precious

Friend — truly known only after the passage of much time

Earth — “One does not live in the cradle forever” (Tsiolkovsky)

Death — the greatest and most terrible enemy, soon to be defeated at last

what this shows is, to everyone, everything has a different value.We can say that one set right and another is wrong,but we can never separate the feeling and experience from the person.All of us have a different path,and being different is a requirement.A few might believe in a set of thoughts yet their application and experience attached to it will be different.being different is not disobedience but the sign of development.


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