the pilgrimage -Paulo Coelho

April 25, 2008 § 17 Comments

translated from Portuguese by Alan  Clarke.

we walk with Paulo on the road to San Tiago.seeking his sword Paulo is lead by his guide Petrus who teaches him the secrets of the road and the practices of RAM (rigor ,adoration and mercy) an ancient order.The book starts in Brazil(paulo’s home country) where he almost received his new sword which would make him a Knight and Master of the order.But at the pinnacle moment in the ceremony he commits a mistake,for which he has to earn his sword again.To regain his sword Paulo has to walk the road of the common people-the road to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.The Pilgrimage starts in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France,where he meets Petrus.AS they walk along the road towards Compostela, Paulo learns the different RAM exercises,through wihich the simplicity of truth and love can be understood.Paulo also has to face “evil” and learn to communicate with his personal devil.

This is a must read for all those who think that the truth is complicated and also for those who seek the absolute.the humility  shown by Paulo and the  magnanimity of Petrus is something we all should learn from.The exercises thought are such that they can be applied in our daily life(proof of this are the various instances where the path demands their use).Success is not merely material achievement but also spiritual and emotional fulfillment,  the way to feel  and understand the the different forms of love  in us are beautifully and poetically put.Our environment’s energy is something we all need to understand and be in harmony with,the seed ,speed,water,blue sphere ,shadow ,listening and the dancing exercises help us understand this.

at El Cebrero Paulo realizes what he needed to.

this mesmerizing book will not only calm your mind and free you from the torrent of restless thoughts but also is very entertaining.There is absolutely no monotony,but it would be best to take our  time over the book so that we can appreciate the sanctity of the journey.


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