IPL-can it match football?

February 21, 2008 § 2 Comments


yesterday the IPL’s(Indian Premier League) auction of players took place.The franchises were asked to splash cash to make IPL the biggest cricket bash.The biggest buck buster was M.S. Dhoni,the captain of India’s ODI(one day international) team.HE would get A total of 6 crore Indian rupees.The IPL was promoted as a reply to the rebel league started by Zee sports,the ICL.

Compared to the IPL,the ICL seems dwarfed now.With business magnets like Vijay Mallaya and Mukesh Amabani and bollywood actors Like King Khan being the big buck business men it seems there is going to be no stopping the IPL.

But will IPL be able to get the supporters in? While the auction(conducted by Christie’s) was held to make cricket more football like, i doubt if it can ever match football.

For one thing,in football(soccer) betting is legal,this brings more people to watch the games(while there is betting in cricket it is illegal and the players who get involved under perform for money) .Another thing is that,football is more viewer friendly,as it lasts only for about ninety minutes.Yes,the t20 format has reduced the time and the fire works and cheer leaders add glamour to the sport,but football is more mesmerizing with the skill and the speed which it is played at.Whatever you try, each over in cricket will take about 3-5 minutes and add to that the time the batsmen take to go in and come out,and the time between overs,continuity or “end to end stuff” just cannot be there.

football’s rivals usually are from within the same city,for eg.we have Arsenal and Chelsea.

For IPL to survive it needs to generate some hot blood action like derby games in football, offer.Otherwise it will get pretty monotonous with the big hitter hitting big sixes.Also you will never have crowds getting as involved as in football,where you can hear the crowds get behind there team with player chants and team songs.

Football also offers moments of magic.Everyone remembers Ronaldhino’s free kick against england,or Zizou’s penalty against Italy or even Maradonna’s “hand of god”.Cricket can never come up with such stuff.

football is also more global,anywhere and everywhere in the world,you will find football being played.The reason for this is,football acts as a source of inspiration for people to live,it gives them meaning to their existence.People from all types of backgrounds regardless of colour,race,caste etc play together.football is also being used as a way to help children affected by war and drugs ,to recuperate.Football has also acted as a tool to unite different cultures.

the justification given for this league is that,its all for the sake of business..Looks like soon cricket might loose the emotions attached with it.Only time can tell.

henry and ronaldhino


§ 2 Responses to IPL-can it match football?

  • govind paliath says:

    cricket in india can definitely match football . . .i gues it happens only in india!

  • Chandra says:

    Football is a boring game most of the times. More so these days. Only a few select players – Ronaldo (Cristiano), kaka, messi make it exciting. The kind of football Drogba and co play is sick to say the least. Each sport has it great moments. Only prejudice prevents us from seeing that. Today i would watch F1 at noon, premier league in the afternoon and IPL during the entire period. So i find this versus that debate plainly silly

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