the slayer-II

February 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

continued from here-the slayer

It was all because of her.The power of love drew him and she showed him that whatever you are,where ever you are,if you are a earthling,then you loved.It was boon and the curse given to the planet,which is ailing.He considered her to be mother earth in disguise.He loved her,as he loved the skies of his world and the peace of his world.She showed him,that life exists on earth.She showed him that people are living.Something,which he always doubted.He loved her more than himself.

these were the first lines he wrote,

“my love is beyond the skies,
my love is greater than lies,
my love-i see in your eyes,
all my past lives.”

yet now he had to doubt her,she couldn’t see him eye to eye.He knew what was up.the bond was broken,what had kept them together,his inability was broken.He should have know,did she really love him?

he doubted it.She had loved his inability-to stay focused in this world.She wanted to use that,to change that,so that she can show the world her ability.And now he had changed and her love was lost…

“like a hanging sunset,
you remain and wet
my life,as i see west.
you woke me up from my rest,
now i can’t sleep,
all i can do is weep,
i lost my leap,
you are all i seek”

to be continued…


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