the slayer-I

February 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Eye to eye.

It is the toughest thing to do-see someone eye to eye.All of us have a power beyond our control,it is our ability to know what the other person is hiding and at the moment the power helped him,to know what the other person thought.

Many people considered him as a freak.They called him names,they ridiculed him and they never paid head to his advices or even listen to him when he spoke.Yet he never bothered.People will be people.

At first it hurt.

In the sea of humanity,swam a lonely fish,all alone,at first afraid of the boundary less ocean,then ridiculed for not staying in his school,yet in the end, he survived and he now could even order the much he has changed.Those who let their tongue lose on him,now couldn’t but help showing respect to him.He had learnt many valuable lessons and the most important one was ” THE WORLD WILL SEE YOU THE WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF,IT IS WHAT YOU FEEL WITHIN WHICH IS IMPORTANT AND NOT THE PHYSICAL SELF”.

he wilt his pen and the world was baffled.He stroked his sword and the world scummed in admiration.from nowhere,his spirit had risen to takeover him,his stride was confident now and he was the light which shone….

to be continued.


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