nature talk.

December 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

of late i have been reading and hearing about the condition of earth.The system which holds us together,is falling apart,because we can’t keep quite.Like the nuclear fission,we all are causing the system to break.We are retaining to much of the sun’s heat and we are gaining more and more energy to add to the already existing meele.We are polluting the air,land,water and we take no care to even pay a thought.At most all we do is have a conversation with a few friends.

This is not a new topic.No way We are thought from lower classes-“acid rain”,”pollution”,”poverty”,”drought”,”cyclone”,”global warming” ,”afforestation”,”deforestation” etc.Since the book writers know that an article is not complete without a few suggestions they put across a few.The thing is we all know we are hypocrites.we are ready to say “oh! god” and at the same time destroy a plant,kill a animal or even a human!(well “oh god!! who are you? guess its time for you to send in your peace keeping force”)

Is nature something which is a tool to win polls?is it something for us and lusty humans to satisfy our greed and the need for more?Nature seems just another lost word.Naturist may soon be in the league of the magnanimous ,philanthropists and visionaries who are hard to find.Fine true there are people who are out there who are doing a “job”(well it has become one since if you really aren’t up to it and go out there and do it,you can’t get anywhere),but they are facing a huge army,bigger than ever before,ready to take over the planet and well forget the future,what are they for? have something? sell it.”Effects” is a word meant only for extremely small print.

So what can we do for nature anyway?Well come one WE ARE NATURE!!!!!We have become so stubborn that we think ourselves as another entity? I think we truly are the slow moving neutron which has slowly moved and changed the planet.Time and tide wait for no man,so we better get upto time,it may be that it may take us too much time to invent a time machine.We need to give out the extra energy to become stable again or well we may have to split!

As bloggers i think we should do something,something which changes the world.Can we do it? i think we can.But are you ready?

to earth!


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