the kite runner-Khaled Hosseini

October 21, 2007 § 3 Comments

This book has something about it.By just seeing the cover,if you feel a surge of thoughts and emotions i don’t blame you. Never judge a book by its cover they say,i usually add to it-don’t judge a book by its cover and reviews -but this book lives up to its cover and the reviews.
To say fascinating is an under statement.To say its poignant and breath taking is like calling a sunrise beautiful.Why am i giving such glossy thumbs up to this book?

Simple the book just talks and mesmerizes and takes you in.Human emotions is something to understand,to portray them is something even more.Usually i will be left with questions like-“why couldn’t he have done it like that?it is just for the story”.But this book,not even for a single moment i had that feeling.It was like the author was there.It was his life story it seemed.It is always easier to convey emotions when it is a first person account,but still i have never read a book,where they were so powerful and clear.

the book throws light on the Afghan way of life and their culture.All these years i was aware only of the Taliban and their merciless and philistine rule.This book changes my view of the country.In many ways i see a lot of similarity between that and what i have heard of India’s past.

“there is a way to be good again”-this line from a letter sparks of the tale.The author takes us back with him,to his childhood and shows us his antiques,haunts and the people of Afghanistan and how later it all crumbles during Russian occupation and Taliban.

If you like a emotional binge you will be given an overdose.If you don’t it is better you keep away,for the book almost drew a tear from me.It was one of the best reads in a long time and the author’s style and the story reminds me of the oriental mysticism in writing.No one else could have ever spun such a story and. It is a mouthwatering and eyes watering too ,but i LOVED IT.


§ 3 Responses to the kite runner-Khaled Hosseini

  • Aaarti says:

    I loved this book.. after hearing a lot, i was actually thiking of not reading, but wen i was in bby, my friend lent me the book and thanks to the local trains, managed to finish it.. beautifully written.. the amt of emotions playing around is awesome…

    another friend has gifted me the 2nd book- thousand splendid sins.. but yet to touch it 🙂

  • […] he had killed one person,I Don’t know what i would have to him.If Kite Runner was emotional,this is emotional twice over.i was left in tears.If he hadn’t ended the book […]

  • Oh i was about to write the review for this book myself. ..its amazing. U r right – to say its fascinating is an understatement. I just fell in love with it!
    Im blogrolling you to my book review blog.

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