If we think

October 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

It took me a long time to understand,that being truthful isn’t always the right thing.It is always necessary to see what the other person will think.For that is life.We live in a world where what others feel and say are the truth.It is how others see we need to worry.Where is the space to be different?

Different,being yourself,is what actually all of us want.We want to stand out from the crowd,we want to be known,recognized ,pampered and live the good life.But where do we all fail?where do we think that the society just doesn’t want you to be?Where do we let it all take you over?

If the society didn’t want people to be distinguished,then why are there these celebrities?It is what we feel.We are all bothered about what others feel.We look at things from their eyes too often.In fact we land up seeing ourselves like that.

Our thirst is what we want to be and it is something which everyone has.We fail to realise that if we have to achieve we need to fulfill that thirst.We fail to realise that we need to be brave to see things as they are.

We need to see the big picture.Though we have all been told that it is wrong to see ourselves as the center of the world,it is what we have to do.We have to be thankful,to everyone around you but at the same time you should see things from where you are.Every moment on earth we spend has something for us,we need to learn and understand ourselves.

what does it take to be different?
In simple terms the thirst to be different and then finding the water to fulfill it is being different.We need to live our lives as it is ours.

At the same time freedom is responsibility,we need to handle our idiosyncrasies in the right manner.We need to feel great and thankful for being what you are.We shouldn’t become complacent and have to remember that history is for learning and every moment becomes past.

Success is what everyone achieves in their life.Most fail to see it.If we have the courage we can do it.there are moments when one is up against a mountain and back to the wall,it is left to us to choose,where we want to reach,the top of the mountain or top of the wall.There are always many ways out,it is left to us to choose,it depends on what we feel,what our mind set is.If we have right mind set ,if we can convince ourselves we are good enough ,then we can reach the top.The trick is to see be there before,i.e. see ourselves there,in that position.Thats why we need to dream,dream big.If we think of half way,we will never reach it,if we think of the sky we will reach the mountain.We thought of Moon we went to space,we thought of Mars we went to the moon,Next we will think of the sun and reach Mars.

Let us make things big,we can do it.We can build a nation or a space craft or redefine things or maybe even travel faster than light.The Idea is to be there before,travel into the future and at the same time keep learning from the past.


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