ram’s creation is ravana for trade?

September 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

image from wikipedia.

no need for to go into details,everyone knows about what’s happening?should the destroy the bridge,which is holy for all religions?

The Adam’s bridge

was supposedly built by Rama and his monkey pals to reach Lanka.It is now been proven that it is nothing more than sand banks twisting for 30km.But should we erode the belief of a country?
I think whatever it maybe,it is a heritage of India.It symbolizes our diversity and also goes to show that everything said in the Ramayana has something in it.

Also the time saved by the project will be about a day.I think for saving a day,we shouldn’t be hurting a billion in a second?

We pride our selves in being a secularist nation,yet now it seems that the policies can be bent to satisfy a few people’s need.Of course the response was strong,but the people who lost their lives were innocent people.If civilians are the victims for the folly of the leaders ,then is our nation in the right track?

What should we do now?Well one thing is obvious it is better to leave things as they are.Nature can take care of it self,and it is our duty to take care of our nation.

trade of course is the pinnacle of human civilisation.Without it we humans wouldn’t have been able to swarm the the trees and smoke the dens.But it is time i think we save something,maybe give tax exempts to MNCs to invest in protecting nature?time we come with feasible and innovative ideas to keep the flourishes.

here is an article from the week-MY RAM,YOUR RAM.


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