can’t keep my hands off the keyboard

September 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

lol 🙂 sorry well i could successfully keep away from the keyboard only for a couple of days…that too only from posting…

well guess it has become something like an addiction,not a real addiction but something like it…but the main reason is that there are just to many things going on for me to keep away…but still no stories or poems till my exams are over…*sigh*…just finished physics today..four more to go..tomorrow is just relaxing a bit….

hopefully the world will remain as a sphere till my exams get over…but the world just seems to becoming more salt concentrated….too many things too many ideas…isn’t it the right time we do something huge…i mean something world wide….i can see something happening and well like everyone would like to create it….no not by getting bumped like the kid in mumbai(on orkut)…or signing a nuke deal…or buying a state or land…or starting a new political party or not even entering the god business….rather something new…

any ideas?what do you think the world do?are you happy with everything around you?are you satisfied with the position you are in? how do you the world?

come to think of it,i think we should seriously do something…a blogger movement?? make the world more humane(not more humans) …

nature has its ways …it is better we realise and do something….

leave your comments,i will be checking them everyday…but not posting again till…you know when 🙂


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