when in pain

August 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

as one grows older one feels better.better as a mature human.Yet there are times when a person is stripped of this cover and the flesh is exposed.It is at times the person becomes a wounded animal.When in Rome,we can do what Romans do,but when in pain,it is all different ,each one acts differently.It takes a lot of fortitude to talk to your self when you are in pain.It takes a lot to cherish it.It is tough to accept,that something you can’t see has taken control of you.It is even tougher to know that you can’t do anything.Sometimes when in pain people go gauche.They lose control of what they do.In pain,there is no law.There is no rule.All you want to do is get away.There are no boundaries ,no world,everything becomes right and anywhere is the right place.In pain,there is no vain action,everything has something behind it.Sometimes,thoughts from childhood or even a deja-vu may hit a person hard.Sensitivity becomes double,everything around affects,everything becomes poignant.You start to feel your surroundings and feel depressed.The sun would seem to be a lame bird who’s shouts are so intense.It is under such condition ,that a person turns to something.

He realizes what he actually is.He sees the beauty within,he sees himself become wiser.He feels love.He loves-everything in and around him.He sees the eyes of his comrades.He sees how frivolous life can be.he sees what can be there and what can’t.he appreciates the world,he is thankful.He connects everything and anything to anything and everything.he listens to the rain,the wind,the water and everything.he admires for what everyone is.He sees that there are no distinctions.He knows that everything is as perfect as can be.He trusts his instincts as an individual and he trusts his fellow humans and also his fellow creatures.He understands,that life has a reason and that everything is for the THE COMMON GOOD,OF LIFE,FOR THE UNIVERSE,FOR THE DIMENSIONS AND FOR HIMSELF AND BALANCE IS EVERYTHING.


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