July 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

sometimes i wonder why on earth do we put up with people?

well i know i have been writing rubbish ,well in terms that i too am a human ,they make me look like a hypocrite.But is it true?

how true am i to myself?

how should we live? well no i am not talking on deeper terms here,just plain simple question,how should we live?

it seems to be tough to just be content,no life refuses to be still,instead it runs.It takes us with it,we are as helpless as we are a part of the earths rotation and revolution.What can life offer? well not much,not that much to keep us satisfied.It is tough for us to put down our wants,because life is churning out more and more of them.

waking up on day and finding that you have reached a nil state of wants isn’t going to happen.We minimum want-air,food and water.But why all this? why can’t we be just like that?why all the rules and ya why all the exams.

well and why should i put up with people who think it is their birth right to criticize others? “he n all is the interact club secretary” .”why aren’t fit to be a ball boy”.

Well i seriously doubt my self sometimes-am i that buffalo skinned?Why didn’t i punch them on their face and walk away? why do i never reply?no i feel the anger rising,but i calm myself.How come i have that much of composure? why do i never do anything ,except swear at them?It is sick,you being picked at every time.
yes you get used to it on the long run,but surely…??
i never say anything to any one.But can’t people understand? are they so insensitive ? should they be told straight on their face? well no use that too. After all it is Vishesh ,why respect his feelings? he won’t say anything.

well onething- i don’t care what people think of me and what they say to me.I will be me ,and i don’t care.Only sometimes you see i have to let it out,maybe i should do it here from now on.


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