harry potter and the deathly hallows

July 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

wondering where i was? well like many others i too as caught up with the book.I started reading around,12 in the afternoon and with managed to finish it only at 2 in the night.Actually the last two hours were tough ,since my eyes were a little say sleepy,but couldn’t put the book down.

Well the term “blood bath” really suits it.Frankly speaking looks like JKR took a leaf out of Indian movies.I am not going reveal who are the people who are dead.

I can tell you though in the end all the horurcxes are destroyed. The truth about Snape and what the life history of Dumbledore are revealed.

you-know-who manages to take over the Ministry of Magic and most people are forced to hide.
Also Hogwarts’ new headmaster is Snape(its what you think it is till the end).Students get beaten up on discipline grounds and oh ya all muggle borns aren’t allowed to attend.

As i mentioned earlier it is a blood bath.The fact is unlike how she killed the headmaster,here is there no sympathy,no nostalgia ,she just keeps killing people.

The book on the whole is a must read.Well i know all my fellow Harry Potter fans would have read it ,but still those of who haven’t give it a go.

This book brings out JKR’s style.No wonder she said this was her best.There are no gaps where it gets boring.In all words it is a gripping tale.It also shows how she can put things into readers heads.After all those books,at last you can properly feel all the characters.She also displays her ability to show the deepest feeling a person may face.Well if she had been planning for this from the beginning ,then it then i am surprised,there is a feeling of separateness from her previous books.All of a sudden,she seems to have matured as a complete writer.I know why she is planning to avoid Harry again,she has become a writer.This book it self will be a shock and for people to see things differently she jolly well write a new series.

WELL there is a lot of good news at the end. 🙂

happy reading folks 🙂


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