a draft

July 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

WELL found this in my drafts…..

the torrent tore down.I was wide spread centre of it.The refreshing rain,The thunders,the lightnings,the cool drizzle ,the walky wind and all were all around.At the moment a happiness grew.there were none.But a lot.Its cooler.Its really pleasant.But above all,it was life lifting.i hugged rain.It kissed me back.I felt earth drop away.I left ecstasy grow.I felt a scene of deja vu.I felt so vast-bigger than the drops of water which were as pure as the purest pure.The sync of the thunder and the flashes of lighting tuned me.The wind,added its voice.The rain played the base,inducing all.It was unseasonal.It was unexpected.It was joyous.It brought life-to humanity.It destroyed-humanity.It was far and huge.All around me.I felt like the lonely sun,surrounded by the planets,who though smaller could put me down with their effort.i felt sense less.I felt numb-to my humanness.i flew,and flowed with the rippling river like lane.I felt light.i left water.

I saw,the earth as the rain passed.It was water.It was speaking,to me and all.I am a human.I felt inhuman.I felt gauche.I felt uninhabited-of all that had been there in between, me and this.
I heard the music.It was divine music.IT was a divine dance.I swayed with it.I did a dance.I went into a trance,i felt above all,my heart and its freedom.


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