few thoughts

July 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

insanity is the heart of mankind.
in sanity there is no kind.

thoughts are to flow,
for life to grow.

imagination is the seed,
creation is the flower.

for humans there is a sixth,
for others there is better sense.

science is man’s interpretation of nature.
spirituality is man’s measure .

the sun shines,it is the brightest.
The light shines the brightest.

evolution is the gain of energy.
Fanaticism is the loss of it.

To see and think of future,
we need to know our roots.

Roots,are our source.If not for
them,there is no flower.

To think ahead,
is to think of your roots.

A culture is one,
which can evolve.

Sins,are nothing,
just plain hallucination.

dream,to be big.
Think of your dream.

what is more valuable,
then the thought of evolution?

stars do exist,they always did,
humans do exist,they always did,
we know when but why?


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