July 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Well here i am at another landmark………its 100!

so again here i am wonder whats all this?

blogging.commenting.reading.understanding.sharing.talking.communicating.linking.feeling.thinking.jumping.chatting…….and so much more….

well guess what,thats all it is for i guess….blogging has become a part of my life,like for most bloggers.It has become a place for me to share knowledge,understand and think.For me all in this world are special.This world is more democratic than the earth,there are no laws(well yes googles,but how many of us know it?),we all have mutual understanding.Unlike in the real world here we treat people with thought because they are that people with thought.It is here that all of us let our hearts do the talking.We don’t need to worry about people knowing us ,at the same time you have a very close interaction with all.

Well blogging is more than what can be put in words.I am bad at describing it,i call it your own web page or your world or your online diary,but it is not just that but a lot more.Every post here was and will always be full of me.It is here that i met so many people,who with/without knowledge have played a huge part in my life.

Whatever happens from now on,i know one thing, this is like my second home.

LET us blog.
Let us share.
LET us make the world
a better sphere,for all
the creatures that were,
are and will be there.

Happy blogging!!!! 🙂


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