adventure of

July 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

over the centuries there have been many acclaimed thinkers.None so ever is more popular than the idiotic and clownably(clown knowledgeable) yours,sir whatzhisnom.

With the honor of having killed the king of the whatz land with his idiocy, he set out towards the westwards city of Moimaneis,to launch a full fool proof attack.He had been enclosed in the barracks,rather chaffed into them,supposedly to take care of all prisoners.King whoevermynamez
the proud and benevolent and magnanimous heir of whatz land had witty intuitions who with their
clairvoyant nature had showed the blasphemous plans of the underking of Moimaneis to capture and rule the third world with insane decree.(ho!).Being what he was,the brave ruler,with a lot of ado announced that the kingdom know sir whatzhisnom,was going on a full promo tour to spread the dogma of our rulers patronage.(whatever!)

So here we meet the sir whatzhisnom,who in a rather sumptuous mood for a stupid song,with none but a doggy called mynamscat at his side,giving a very good ace kicker to the skilled at yet unskilled ambassador on his alfresco through the whole wide empire.With a tune that would set any musician into mental paralysis of the worst nerve twist and induce the growth of a humongous tumor , he doodled the landscape with a very unearthly kind of hue.

The doggy,whos hearing sense was far better and more sensitive ,had rolled its ears into a triangle(maybe it was a evidence of age or his masters singing) and seemed to be contemplating on a method to shut his master who’s singing wold surely make the sky fall.

On the out skirts of Moimaneis,they encountered a group of bandits,who had been woken up by the strange and unearthly noise.One of them so profoundly affected that he felt himself floating on cloud9(which had evidently come down to take him) and was now sitting up on a tree bough and chanting incantations which seemed to chase away the incandescent fireflies.

After taking apt measures against the obnoxious singing by placing weird looking ear plugs at oblique angles and shutting up the genie,they had patiently dreamt and waited in hope of collecting some antique treasure.

The cat who was a dog,who had taken to the outlaws scents miles away,rushed barking towards them.Unfortunately none of them had sensed this owing to their ears being plugged.

Seeing his beloved mynamscat rush away from his,the sir showed a great sign of fortitude and whacked the guts out of the crouching thiefs.

As the bright messenger who had sprinted all the way to give the message to the king read,the unlikely victim of the last nights counter attack happened to be the honorable underking the elfburntwood,of moimaneis.

Again our brave super team of the cat who was a dog and the bard who was idiotic saved the land(though the sky still threatens to fall).


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