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One arm of the kodai lake.

Kodai or Kodaikanal is as many of you will know a hill station in the Palani range.It is also called the queen of hills.On the way you can see a hill river or two and also two waterfalls called Rat tail falls and silver cascade.In some places you can also see forests.The Kodai town,like many other hill towns is built around the lake.For more info about Kodai see the wikipedia link.

How you can get there:-

>car:- if you like to go by car go for it.If you want you can stay over night in Tirchy and see the surrounding temples.But now they are converting the highway into a 4 lane one so,the roads aren’t that good.The road is an nation highway-NH45.

>train: the best train to take would be the Pandyan express from Chennai.it starts at about night 9:30 and reaches Kodai road station at about 5:30 in the morning.Kodai road station is about 75Km from kodai.Buses and taxis are available at the station or you can arrange pick up and drop with the hotel/resort you are staying in.

>Bus:-many of the prominent travels have buses to kodai from a lot of cities.But it is better to take the train if you can rather than the bus(in my opinion) as they are slower and uncomfie.

>plane:- you can take a flight to Madurai airport from Chennai and from there travel by car to kodai.

sight seeing:-

>boating in the lake.

>pillar rock

>coakers walk

>kurinji andavar temple


>chettiar park

>bryant park

>berijam lake.

>guna caves(where a movie shooting took place)

>observatory etc

clouds and trees

What its known for:-

For me kodai spells my annual holiday 😉 it is known for its fruits and yes the pleasant climate.It used to be the escape for the rich and the british uring british rule.

You can find flowers in plenty all around the place,though this year wasn’t as colourful as it used to be.the falls have also dried up since the monsoon is a little late.

a few pics:-

can you spot the duck?

this is one of the most famous flowers commonly called as Idly poo(poo=flower).

TV tower.


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