how to inspire?

June 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

So now we want to inspire people to stay and improve the country.

And that has to there in all strata of the society.
But where are to go for the much needed fire?

we have the rebels on one side.yes i don’t agree with killing,but we all should accept that there is a cause for them to reach such a extreme stage.If we want to end this extreme moments,which draw away the country’s resources we need to find a peaceful solution.

Peaceful-yes.What is a peaceful solution?

well according to me its a stage where every person can live with both mental peace.This is possible only if there is no fighting or even a cold war.The basic needs of a human are food ,shelter and security.

When food is under threat people are ready to kill and eat.

For shelter the same.

for security the same.

How can we assure all this?

Now we need to inspire people to make sure of them.

So how to?

>first,make sure we have the right people in the right place.People in wrong places is never going to help.

>Assess the needs of the country.

>Since people want money give it to them.This can be done by increasing the salaries from the lower most level,i.e. if a person is earning 100 Rs make it 150 Rs.

now proportionally increase the salaries,but try to make the increase in prices of goods half to the proportion.This may sound foolish but imagine the change,a person who is earning 5000 will earn 7500,now if he spends 3000 Rs on goods ,now he will have to spend only only about Rs 3750. how can this be done? simple reduce the taxes.

>improve education,build dedicated future gen next with vision,i know everyone isn’t a Amabani or a Gandhi but we need to install that.(dedicated to their mission,again i don’t say we need to force it ,no that will make it more like a religious school,we need to inspire them to have the country in their mind).

Our grand fathers struggled for independence why?

because they were inspired to do so.

>find a solution to have a good and well versed government.Increase the standard of the governemt in other words,do this by having tests,now who will set the standard?

> Develop farming and forestry.Again we need to recogonise people, working in the fields as
equals to the ones in the city.Companies should taken a particular amount of land and pay the farmers to cultivate the land.

>build schools where ideas are sent across and roles are built ,to lead and also how to work under some one.Everyone can’t be a leader.

>learn to think out of the box.Now how is this?

throw ideas into the society which may seem insane.Keep them on their heels.

guess i have written enough,but then again we need to inspire.


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