MANUAL OF THE WARRIOR OF LIGHT-Paulo Coelho and the tag

May 28, 2007 § 2 Comments

DJ has tagged.the rules:

1. Name the person (of course with the link) who tagged you.
2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case publish 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (if the page does not have 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page no. 123, take the last page.) 3. Tag five people. The books which i am reading at present either don’t have a fifth para or is something which all wouldn’t like(no mysteries its a chess book). So I am left the option to either start a new book or write one from something i have read. Now since i am extremely busy(ahem ahem) i choose the latter.And here it goes: The book is titled as ” MANUAL OF THE WARRIOR OF LIGHT”.the author is Paulo Coelho(follow the link to read the warrior of light blog)

the book as it suggests is a kind of manual.As always Paulo has a reason behind writing a book.The best thing about Paulo is he that he writes in a way which is very smoothing to your mind.But if you intend to read this book,i suggest that you read so either ” The Alchemist” or some other book of his.It would help you understand what type of person he is and what he is trying to convey.At this point i should also mention that all his books are translated into english.This book is translated by Margaret Jull Costa.

The main reason why i love the book is because it one which deals with everything,it truely acts as a manual and at all times is never dictating.You can relate your self to the events mentioned and think about the moves.In its pages i traveled through with heart and understood it better.It is always important to relish the fact that we are specimens with soemthing called life and it is a journey and everything is perfect (or nothing is perfect).All we require is faith ,love and hope.

The book throws light on all the hidden things inside you,all the feelings you have hidden from your self because of fear.Life here is a battle and a pilgrimage, two of the most dealt with scenarios in books.Yet you turn into a warrior , a warrior who is calculating at the same time loving and affectionate.You turn into a pilgrim,one who appreciates the beauty of the world around him and the lively and lonely paths you travel.

The book also will help you see all human beings as one and helps you look the animosity and sorrow clanged faces of our brethren.

If you want read the philosophies of both west and east then read Paulo.

Paulo is one of favorite authors ,in a sense he is more than that,he is a friend . If you are looking for a book which will change your life,go for this.And while reading remember never accept anything as it is said.Read .Think .Decide.

And here is the page 123:

“a warrior knows that an angle and a devil are both competing for his sword hand.”

a single line speaks a lot.This line gives you a insight into the book.

well i must thank DJ for tagging me.If it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t have written about the book.I decided to simple take the book which comes to my hand first and it happened to be this.It has turned into a review more than a tag.

and as for tagging five people :-

Mystic rose,

a little light





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