to be or not to be thats the question

May 26, 2007 § 4 Comments

There is a huge responsibility,the next gen(thats us),has got. We need to help the country come out of its problems or rather anomalies and reach a new level.

Yes,i know we are all capable of this,after all our grandfathers and great grandfathers and great great grand fathers fought for the country’s sake and got us something called as “freedom” or rather independence from the imperialist masters.

But to compare the job in hand now to then is in all respects a big mistake.

Their job involved sacrificing themselves for the country and helping its people.

We cannot call what we have to do as a sacrifice .For sacrifices is made of sterner stuff.None of us are ready to simple chuck our lives and enter to politics.We as human beings have other ambitions which we are to follow.

They didn’t have any pressure to achieve ranks and marks,they merely studied for its own sake.But we on the other hand have the responsibility of studying and pursuing our ambitions,not only to earn money but to find some kind of definite position in the society and to sustain our respect and freedom ,which we all are born with.

Yet again we need to help raise the country.But who is that we?

frankly speaking ,that is a huge question.That we which i call myself a part of is not clearly defined .If we =the youth of india ,then i am not sure if i can use that,for not everyone is bothered of the country’s development. What i mean to say is that,there dream is to earn $$$$ and not live in india and make it is a better place.

I have no objections in people leaving India and studying abroad,it is after all their life and they are chasing their dreams,yet what will happen to the country.But to talk from side is always easy,they leave simple because they weren’t given here a chance to prove themselves.Frankly speaking,i will leave the country if i am find that my talent isn’t given the right opportunities.All of us have our personal goals and there is more spirit towards that then the country.

But to be or not to be?

Should we try to change the scenario where the country, no i can’t stand thisthe people of the country the people from poor(poor=notonly in the monetary sense but also people/person spiritually and socially lacking) backgrounds get exploited by corrupt people and are reverting to the age old fanatical strictness.

The question is i think what role does the youth play to stop corruption.

As we speak a new person is inducted into the plethora of corruptness,they are driven to extremes because of the need to survive and not to fool people.To bring people out of this ,is a big task,but the real corrupted creatures calling themselves the politicians need to be refined.They all have seen the country struggle for independence ,do they think it is there rights since they played a part to rob the country?

I don’t know.When i talk about bringing up india among my friends no one is enthusiastic about it.But i know they aren’t satisfied rather th fact is that all of are left with a feeling we can’t do anything for this country.Why disturb the people and their rickety buses? More or less the cities are developed if thats the word you use.So we are happy.We will grow up pay taxes and lament how they waste,but will we try to change it?


§ 4 Responses to to be or not to be thats the question

  • So Hum says:

    As a parent and teacher, I believe the parents play a humongous role in determining whether a child will make an impact or not. Children must be taught to think, reason, search for truth and take action. Parents are the role models. Children likely follow in their parents’ footprints.

    How can the new generation change if no one has set an example for them?

  • vishesh says:

    well ya what you say is right..but there are parents who inspire and also teachers…if the people whom they inspire can inspire others…then..

  • --Sunrise-- says:

    To an extent, I agree with what So Hum says.. but I think it is not just the parents and the teachers, but the general influences and authorities, which will shape the minds of the younger generations – be it media such as TV, peer pressure, the idea of ‘conforming’ to a particular group of people, seeing the unfair way in which some things work… whatever it may be, there are most probably a million and one influences upon a growing mind, which makes them think a certain way about their country, and their own ideas for the future. And, like So Hum says, it is up to those influences to ‘set a good example’… but I don’t see why it must be their duty to do so.. changing India for the better might not be high on their agenda, and that is fair enough (it is, as you said, their lives after all).. only those who want to will do so, will do so, I guess (I think I am rambling off into nothingness here..).

    And there are examples of that – not at the news-reaching level such that everyone knows about it, but at the simpler levels.. like charities, etc. They are working towards making India a better place, don’t you think? Even you are, with these thoughts you are thinking, thinking about making India a better place (the next step is implementation, I guess.. which is not always easy if others are not bothered about doing things properly, and you are..).

    At the same time… you talk about politicians being corrupt… but what about the general public – aren’t we involved in unfair practices too? Do we all pay all of the taxes we are supposed to, or do we try and get out of some of them by pretending we have less money than we actually do? Can you imagine, what a country India would become if everyone were to pay the full extent of their taxes, and the government were to use the money in a productive way? Can you imagine the improvement in the quality of life for a significant number of people who live under the poverty line? Do we sometimes ignore laws and regulations, and then bribe the people involved to keep them quiet about it, so that we can get away with it? Do we not play tricks on serving the public (back to my doctors example hehe), so that we can make ourselves that couple of extra hundred rupees?

    I am not saying that the corrupt politicians don’t need to be refined (and in all honesty, you seem to know a lot more about it than I do – I know pathetically little, if anything at all, about Indian politics), but… that there are plenty of other things that we can do ourselves in the first place.

    And all this improvement needs a change of attitude. Without the mindset to WANT to contribute to the positive change of the country, people are not going to get anywhere. And that mindset will not come about unless there is a significant change in the type of influence the people in India are subjected to (if I am making sense… :-))…

    As you said, everyone has their own ambitions which they want to follow… and it looks like living in India and making their homeland a better place is not high on their list of priorities… I can think of so many personal examples of this myself – so many members of my family settling in the UK or US because it gives them better job opportunities and jazz… I guess change will come when there is a change of attitude, which can only come about if there is a change in the influences which is causing these attitudes. Like Tony Blair says: “Education, education, education” (and not just what can be learnt in the classroons) 🙂

    On a final note, have you seen a film called ‘Anniyan’? (called Aparichitudu in Telugu) Although this isn’t the main focus of the film, it shows neatly what I mean about changing attitudes.. the way Nandini (I think that is the heroine’s name?) thinks it is OK to use black money and so on…

    Aaargh your posts always make me leave long rambly comments! 😛 (Sorry..)

  • vishesh says:

    thanks sunrise,yes i had the movie anniyan on my mind when i wrote it.

    it is as you say ambitions which come and as you say left needs inspiration.but from where can we get it?

    now corruption has its advantages,i am planning to write about it,in a way it helps the country to survive economically.No one is perfect,but we need to create a scenario in which everyone will be able to gain.

    It is that i am trying to find here.Another interesting fact is that,many people shy away from this blog,i am not coming to tell that i am great writer or something rather i mean to say no one is ready.

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