can we stop it please?

May 21, 2007 § 6 Comments

how can we stop the country from being trapped in another political melee like before the british rule?

It seems to me,or rather evident that the country is heading no where.Rauf pointed out that the country is still beating.India is one huge country ,my dear mother land.She knows ,she sees these stupid human beings fighting,so what does she do? i think she would again invite humans from other countries to put sense.But before something that cataclysmic happens, i feel that we need to try something.

For one thing ,i think we should end this political drama.I know everyone loves dramas and cinemas-the mega serials ,bollywood,koolywood,tollywood and the other woods are catching more and more people,while the real woods are being cut-but we do need to stop real life dramas?

It is quite fun to see,infact everyone enjoys watching these dramas,everyone knows who the next CM even before the elections are over,everyone knows so many things,who is behind the murder,yet no one takes action.The only thing which the scenario lacks if you ask me is a hero,instead he is replaced with another villan.It is villan Vs villan. each one is not measured by the good they do but rather by the bad.

but seriously we need to stop this? i mean enjoy a movie alright,but you don’t keep watching movies with the same story line again and again right? would you watch a don 3 staring someone else?its getting boring,can we change the script or some one else will take over,creating a better movie.

and the state with highest movie based politics is my tamil nadu.Wondering why?well we have had more actors as chief ministers than any other state in india(or is it the world?).Captain vijaykanth has a party now,but lets see if he becomes the hero.


§ 6 Responses to can we stop it please?

  • Rauf says:

    No other country has been repeatedly invaded like India, for some good reasons, 365 days of sunshine, Fertile land, ever flowing rivers (this has changed now as many rivers have gone dry.) In any given civilisation availablity of water is a major factor. India has all the natural wealth and should have been the richest country in the world. But We have been extending our begging bowl from past 60 years of independance. We are still a developing nation. The reasons given are that the previous rulers have plundered the country. Now the present rulers, who ever comes to power don’t just plunder but they have been continuously raping the country as well. As i have said earlier, with all the bleeding injuries, infected sores, broken bones, raped, shattered pride, India is still alive and making its presence felt and attracts a great deal of tourism.
    No one is running the country, India runs by itself, it will run even if there is no government and no rule of law. The spirit of the country which is keeping it alive is not the software or any other industry, it is the people who have the will to survive against all odds.

  • vishesh says:

    true rauf…but…you know it will be better if people try to come up and improve their lives…wouldn’t it??

  • Hip Grandma says:

    one can forgive foreigners for looting the country of their invasion and subsequent occupation.But our chosen ones in a democratic set up are doing just that and we pretend not to understand.Or does it suit us to be so?In a democracy like ours don’t we get what we opted for in the first place.The coaliton governments have to placate their alliance partners and the so called educated don’t want another election and happily settle for corruption at all levels.WE are responsible for this rotten system and we alone can do something about it.

  • vishesh says:

    excatly hip gmom…

    we have to do something…unfortunately…that we includes the illiterates who vote for money…

  • So Hum says:

    Can you become a spy and catch these illiterates being bribed on camera and expose this practice?

  • So Hum says:

    It’s too bad more people aren’t tuning in to your blog so that more could contribute to the brainstorming you are doing here.

    They are tuning in to their TVs, right? Same thing here. I am proud to not own a TV. I have no idea what is going on in TV Land. Yea!

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