an equal music-vikram seth

May 21, 2007 § 1 Comment

I never like writing a book review,yet this book has affected me so much that i write a review.The last poem re-music was inspired by this.

i will try to reveal as little of the story as possible.

A musical quartet to be more precise a string quartet usual consists of two violin players,a viola player and a cello player, one among them is Micheal.

The story begins in london,where the quartet is based.The author takes us through the daily motions of Micheal,a second violinist.Through out the story he keeps comparing his life to what he was 10 years back and his lost love of Julia.

the nostalgia with the pieces she played and they had played together keeps haunting him.

leaving apart his personal life,the way he describes each music is what enchanted me the most.It is like he takes you to the place and you listen,you are hit with a kind of de javu, where you feel you have heard the music when you haven’t and i guess it really gets completed with me searching for the music.You are there listening to each piece,you are there in the quartet’s practise sessions and their happenings become a part of you.

unlike i always do,instead of rushing through the book,i tasted and enjoyed each page of the book.For almost five days, i lived inside the book and the characters lives.It took me to places like London ,Venice and Vienna where i have been to.It showed me a hidden music which i have never heard.It in all the sense took me to a never before experience and I enjoyed my sojourn more than any other book.

As you can see i haven’t touched on the main story line at all.The book has serenaded me into realms of thoughts and ideas of expression like the last poem.

If you don’t like a book dealing with human emotions you won’t like it.If you think everything has a fairy tale ending you may not like.If you think everyone is the same on earth you won’t like it.If you are the type who reads a book for calming down,then i don’t suggest this.If on the other hand you are the type who put your self in the characters shoes and travel with them,then you will not only enjoy but will be with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

The book also talks about the effects of music.Music is love.Without love for the instrument and the music ,you can never appreciate or create music.Under any situation it is music which is life.How ever sad you are or depressed,music is the perfect antidote,it cures almost anything and everything.

to conclude it is must read book,one which will leave a deep mark with you like the timeless classics.

ps:-this is the first time i am writing a book review,if you find that i haven’t written it in a proper way please feel free to point.


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